Former lover of Bill Clinton claims Hillary had several abortions, kept Chelsea for political gain, and is a lesbian?

This is an exclusive from The American Mirror. The woman in the video is Sally Miller, a former Miss Arkansas who claims to have had a 3-month long affair with Bill Clinton back in the early 80’s.

A couple of things make this questionable for me. One is why is this coming out now? The other, and it’s a big one, is how can she be a lesbian who is merely using Bill for political gain (and made an exception for Webb Hubbell?) AND constantly having pregnancies that subsequently are aborted?

Other than that fairly glaring inconsistency the rest of it would be a bombshell if this were 1993, but after more than 20 years as a household name none of what Miller says here is outside the realm of possibility for the lying and prevaricating butcher of Benghazi.

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