MANCHESTER TERROR: Former Special Ops Serviceman Says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – Absolutely SLAMS Liberal Media!

Phil Campion SAS manchester terror

In the wake of the Manchester terrorist attacks, many have tried to claim the solution is “open borders,” and showing “love for all.” This ex-SAS serviceman vehemently disagrees.

The SAS is a special forces unit of the British Army, founded in 1941, which undertakes a number of roles, including covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action, and hostage rescue. It would be something equivalent to the USA’s Delta Force or Army Rangers.

In other words, this man has ample experience dealing with terrorism and unstable situations. He calls out the media and Britain’s politicians for being far too lenient, and refusing to take action in the wake of such a devastating attack.

The news anchor interviewing him tries to paint the situation as very nuanced, but the special ops veteran says it’s “black and white.”

“…they’ve killed our children. So, if you say that one line to yourself, that they’ve killed out children, it becomes a bit more black and white. I think people are missing the point here. People are trying to go down too many avenues.”

“We have people in this country who are actively targeting and killing our children. Okay? That’s it. Bust. No more, no less. They’ve done that, and they’ve proven that they can do that now.”

“I don’t have any time for anybody who’s saying that ‘oh, we should do this, we should do that, we should do the other,’ NO! We now have to ACT! We have to do something and we have to do something quickly.”

The news anchor pulls the classic liberal arguing point that arresting people is “what they want,” by claiming that arresting people and targeting radical terrorists would only make the problem worse…because somehow, in liberal fantasy land, cracking down on your enemy is a bad thing.

“The danger is, of course, that if you overreact, start jailing people without necessarily reaching a sufficiently robust evidential test,” the news anchor says. “You create a massive backlash and the problem only gets worse. It’s a temporary fix.”

The ex-SAS serviceman retorts with an emotionally-charged bombshell: “No, it’s not a temporary fix,” he says. “You stand in front of one of those poor children’s parents. and tell them that we knew who [the terrorist] was, but we didn’t do anything, because it would only be a temporary fix.”

“No!” he proclaims. “He’s now KILLED, and there’s more stacking up to do the same thing, and if we don’t identify and if we don’t grip it and if we don’t put other people off from doing it, we’re going to hit this thing time and time again.”

He ends by pointing out the terrorist’s ruthless tactics in who they targeted. “They went there, because there was children involved,” he shouts. “They have targeted and killed our children…and when you say that, all these other ‘solutions’ just go straight out the window for me.”

The ex-SAS serviceman, named Phil Campion, brings up some phenomenal points. These radical extremists are not following the ethics of war—they’re doing anything and everything they can to destroy our civilization, and once you realize that…you realize that we must do the same to them.

If you stand with this man, and HATE that the liberal media keeps pandering to terrorists, please give this article a share. Thank you and God bless!

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