7 Funny and sad cartoons about the world then vs. now…

Every generation has it in its head that the one coming after it is sending us all to hell. Declining morals, music that progressively sounds more regressive, the quality of Kennedy Democrats elect defies expectations because we keep thinking it can’t get any worse. These cartoons definitely capture much of that sentiment.

These great cartoons were sent to me via email. Unlike our other posts about cartoons, these require much more introspection.


I had a friend who was a high school teacher. Years ago she told me that students were habitually late and had little regard for the schools schedule, pointing out they often took time to go to Starbucks and walk in with their drinks (which is apparently allowed). She had a sign-in sheet that kids had to sign if they were tardy, which included the reason for being late. Students who were late enough were met with disciplinary action, but this sheet came in handy because parents never believed their little darlings could be late (“oh no no no, not MY child) until they saw the admission handwritten.

Parents need to have the teachers back again.



Some people don’t have a problem with cartoons this, which is part of the reason notion that the world is going to hell is literally correct.



This pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it? It’s been years since this cartoon was made, and now TV’s are as thin as paper. Literally!



Social media IS real life now. We still have birthday parties, but too many of us give WAY too much weight to seeing people react to things that happen on social media, whether it’s our birthday or any other post we make.


This was SOOOO true of me (the top row of the cartoon). I had books and toys and a drawing table in my room, but none of that can “sustain” a kid these days like the alternative-reality containing electronics parents put in their kid’s room these days.


It’s as if these cartoons invaded my memories. We played a lot of Super Tecmo Bowl and RBI 3 on the original Nintendo. Most of the time we got bored of it and inspired to go outside and play the real thing, which was MUCH better.


Shared experiences becoming more automated and less personal? Check, check, check, check, and check!

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