FYI to #NeverTrump, these animals are basically on your side

I know it’s guilt by association, and I’m not saying it’s wrong to have a problem with Trump if you’re a conservative. Trump is a RINO, and I have a problem with that too.

I don’t mean any offense in this, but #NeverTrump and CRAZY leftists are aligned for a common goal and that should give the conservatives who are part of the former some pause.

The people who hate him like in the video below aren’t just the opposition, they are hate-filled anti-free speech and anti-liberty. They are a cancer on America and their irrational, childish behavior and crazy rage will, I believe, help Trump more than hurt him, and conservatives for #NeverTrump are defacto standing with these crazy people when they say it’s Cruz (or Kasich?) or they vote for nobody.

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