WATCH: Father Asks Thugs to Stop Smoking Marijuana on a Dallas Train – Look How They Responded…

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Years of welfare programs and gang culture has destroyed the black community. Unfortunately, this was only made worse with the past 8 years of Obama’s race-baiting.

Places all throughout the United States have been ravaged by the vicious effects of gang mentalities. Detroit, Compton, and parts of Chicago don’t even look like they’re first world countries anymore. This is what happens when you don’t hold thugs accountable for their actions.

President Trump has been trying to crack down on gang members, such as the deadly MS-13. Unfortunately, the liberal news media has been complaining that doing so would be “racist.” This type of thinking is why we have brutal thugs, such as the ones in the video below.

This 44-year-old father was sharing a train with a group of young thugs, riding towards Dallas, Texas. The thugs, who may or may not have been affiliated with a gang, began smoking marijuana on a public train. This is the type of entitlement mentality that Obama has bred into these thugs.

They’re so arrogant that they feel they can start smoking marijuana on a public transportation vehicle, that they likely didn’t even pay taxes to fund. What’s worse, however, is what happens when the father politely requests that they stop smoking. Rather than being normal civilians and politely complying to the father’s request, they physically beat him until he was unconscious.

The father, realizing that the violent thugs didn’t intend on stopping any time soon, surrendered. “Okay, okay! Y’all win!” he shouted, but the thugs continued beating him to a pulp. Eventually, a young woman hit him over the head with a skateboard, which caused him to black out and lose consciousness.

Daily Mail reports:

This is the shocking moment a 44-year-old father was beaten by a gang of youngsters on board a Dallas train after asking them to stop smoking marijuana.

Kennan Jones was attacked by the group on Sunday as they rode towards Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. 

He had asked them to stop smoking marijuana on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit train. 

The group included young men and women who punched him and threw him against the train’s doors before arriving at the station.  

Some of them pushed off the handle poles to kick Jones from the air. 

Once the train had come to a stop, they spilled out on to the platform. 

One of the young women then hit Jones in the head with a skateboard as he lay reeling on the ground.

A fellow passenger filmed the attack and shared the footage with DFW, CBS’s local station in Texas. 

In the video, at least one other passenger tries to intervene but it slapped away.  

Jones was taken to hospital after the incident but has since been released. He had visible facial injuries when he spoke to the network.  

What absolutely disgusting animals. This is how entitled children behave when they don’t get their way—by throwing temper tantrums. They could’ve easily killed that poor man, who now says he’s just “happy to hug [his] kids.”

This is the type of behavior that Obama created with 8 years of anti-police speeches, blaming everyone except the black community for their own actions. These thugs probably think that the man deserved it, and that it was his fault for getting beaten up. Police should not show any mercy to these sick and twisted youth, who think it’s okay to pummel an old man for simply requesting they stop smoking marijuana.

Police are currently investigating the incident, but have not been able to identify these degenerates, yet. If you know anything about this crime that may help the police identify the criminals, please contact the Dallas Police hotline at 1-877-373-TIPS.

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