GENDER BENDER: Girl FIGHTS to FORCE the Boy Scouts become Co-ed

A teenage girl who has tagged along with her brother in the Boy Scouts for years is now petitioning the organization to allow her to have all the rights and privileges of being one herself.

Because boundaries are imaginary and nothing has meaning anymore. From NPR (emphasis added is mine):

According to the Boy Scout Law, “a Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.”

But does a Boy Scout have to be a boy?

Let me stop you right there PBS, yes….yes you do. Do you know how I know this? The name, in a weird way it’s a dead giveaway.

Sydney Ireland has been involved with scouting since she was four years old, when she began tagging along with her older brother to Cub Scout meetings. Since then, she has been an unofficial, but enthusiastic, member of Troop 414 in Manhattan.

Now she is 16, and she’s pushing Boy Scouts of America to allow girls like her to become official members.

Over the years, Sydney’s activities with the troop have included camping trips, hiking, archery, ice climbing and, yes, knot-tying. As a city kid, she has learned to cherish a connection to the outdoors and she credits the Boy Scouts for helping to foster it.

But although the local troop has welcomed Sydney’s participation, she is not able to officially earn merit badges and advance in rank along with the boys around her, because she is a girl. According to national policy, the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts only enroll boys — including transgender boys, as of earlier this year.

Notice how they use the inclusion of “transgender boys” as a platform to draw equivalence to the situation of Ireland as a girl?

If transgender boys are truly boys then why feel bring the inclusion of transgender up?

The answer is simple, because being transgender DOES NOT objectively change one’s gender, but I digress.

I get where Ireland is coming from, she can do the activities but she can’t be honored for them in the form of merit badges, even though the real honor comes from getting to participate in a group you have no right to join in the first place. (I’d be curious to know if she paid dues. If not then she’d really have no case…as if the whole gender thing isn’t convincing enough.)

“I just want to see a change,” (Ireland) said. “Right now they’re discriminating against girls, and I’m just calling it as it is.”

No, having her “calling it as it is” would entail gratitude for being allowed to tag along at all. It’s BSA’s right as a private organization to discriminate as they see fit. A large part of the reason for this nonsense from Ireland (as promoted by NPR) is that progressives care about busting up what they perceive to be patriarchal organizations. That’s why you don’t hear about boys wanting to join Girl Scouts, even if it came with a lifetime supply of freezer chilled thin mints.

The Boy Scouts of America declined an interview and would not comment on whether the organization plans to review their policy. However, Director of Communications Effie Delimarkos did say that the organization “continually works with Scout Executives to evaluate and improve programs to better serve youth participants.”

Delimarkos also wrote:

“We understand the values and lessons of Scouting are attractive to the entire family. The Boy Scouts of America serves boys and young men through the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, which are year-round programs specifically for boys in the first grade through age 18.”

Delimarkos noted that the Boy Scouts of America does offer co-ed programs, such as an outdoor adventure initiative called Venturing. But Venturing starts only at age 14, and it does not offer the same opportunities to earn merit badges as the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts do. Sydney specifically wants a shot at becoming an Eagle Scout, like her older brother, Bryan.

Like with the transgender bathroom debate, this is more gender space invasion by people who don’t want to leave well enough alone. Maybe they should just let her in, they’ve been letting girls in ever since they made an allowance for transgender kids anyway. That’s not me being “transphobic,” NPR is the one who made THAT point first.

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