George Soros – Billionaire Clinton Donor Hacked! Hundreds of Documents Leaked

WikiLeaks strikes again! I am really starting to admire these patriots.


Hundreds of documents from internal offices were leaked on Saturday. The documents belong to groups that are affiliated and run by the billionaire George Soros.

Mr. Soros is famous for his donations of billions to the Clinton family.

 Well, it looks like he was just infiltrated by a group of highly-skilled computer hackers. The lost documents include 2,576 files.

The hackers who did this belong to the now legendary Wiki Leaks website. They are an American “Hacktivist” Organization “who respects and appreciates the freedom of speech, human rights and government of the people.”


The documents that were leaked are from countless of Soros’ internal departments. However, his Open Society Foundation was the main target. Some of the documents have now been verified to have come from “the President’s Office” as well as “SOUK.”

The documents date all the way back to 2008 until now. In June of this year, the Open Society Foundation was also the target of a previous Wiki Leaks attack. It is clear that Wiki Leaks and its figure head Julian Assange do not like what they are hiding. At the time of the leak, George Soros reported the cyber attack to the FBI.


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Documents that were leaked include papers such as “Somalis in European Cities Portfolio Review” as well as countless financial grants initiated by the Federal Government.

This source of the DCLeaks in the past was responsible for the documents leaked that showed the NATO Commander’s discontent with Obama’s reluctance to handle foreign military affairs.

It’s clear that Obama, Hillary, the current Federal Administration, and large donors such as George Soros are all directed towards the same goals.

So far, the Wiki Leaks have gotten worse and worse. As election day draws near there is sure to be increasingly “devastating” knowledge released. It will most likely show the current corruption of the establishment to be at an incredible level.

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It looks bad right now, but we are most likely going to see much more revealed by the time Obama leaves office.

The internet is helping to show the corruption of the government to a shocking degree. It is much harder to suppress the sharing of information online, than in large news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC. It’s the main reason the Wiki Leaks have literallyaltered the political climate of America in just months.

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Trump's Current Facebook Statistics vs. Hillary
Trump’s Current Facebook Statistics vs. Hillary

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