GET A ROPE! This is how Jordan deals with ISIS terrorists



The country of Jordan is showing the world how you deal with ISIS terrorists. While President Obama refuses to use words like “radical Islam,” Jordan’s King Abdullah II is hanging terrorists.

Jordan may not be a perfect country, but it has been a loyal supporter of America’s War on Terror. It has had to deal with ISIS on its borders and an influx of refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria. They have led a number of raids and airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria. King Abdullah takes the war personally: last year, a Jordanian Air Force pilot was captured by ISIS and burned alive in a cage. A video of the execution was released by ISIS, enraging Jordanians.

This year alone, Jordan has had four major terror attacks. When a Jordanian government raid broke up a terrorist cell in the country earlier this year, they didn’t mess around. Five members of ISIS captured in the raid were sentenced to death by hanging. In Jordan they don’t have to deal with the ACLU or liberal activists complaining about prisoner treatment there. Terrorists get the rope.

The National provides more details.

A Jordanian court sentenced five members of an ISIL cell to death by hanging on Wednesday for acts of terrorism.

The state security court in Amman also handed jail terms of between three and 15 years to another 16 Jordanians in the same case.

They were found guilty of deadly “acts of terrorism”, the manufacture of explosives and “possession of weapons and ammunition for use in terrorist acts” and recruiting people for “terrorist organisations”.

The group of 21 were members of an ISIL cell that was broken up in March during a large-scale security operation in the northern town of Irbid, near the border with Syria.
Seven suspected militants and a member of the Jordanian security forces were killed during the operation.

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H/T: Pamela Geller

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