Liberal idiot FIRED from work for demanding Trump’s assassination

On the 13th of march 2016, just one day after Donald Trump’s Chicago rally was canceled due to Black Lives Matter protesters along with Bernie Sanders supporters, Tiana McHenry sent out a tweet that read:

“Someone, anyone…. assassinate trump and his offspring. I don’t care if this tweet gets me on the FBI watch list, I f*cking hate that man”


The now deleted tweet received praise from people who shared a similar sentiment and all kinds of backlash as well. One person decided to message Christus Santa Rosa Health System where Tiana reportedly worked to inform them about what their employee had posted online. He included an archived link of the tweet in question and asked them to “contact and lecture her about her actions”:



Christus Santa Rosa Health System responded later and said they were looking into the matter:



The hospital made a Facebook post later on clarifying that Tiana does not work for them but did work for a third party vendor. They continued with stating that the issue had been turned over to this third party vendor to investigate:


In a final Facebook post, Christus Santa Rosa Health System stated that Tiana’s employers (Now revealed as “Aramark”) had suspended her from the workplace indefinitely. After receiving the complaints,  they stated that were fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigation. If it is confirmed that the tweets were indeed posted by Tiana McHenry, her employment with Aramark would be terminated immediately.


This was just a formality by her employers to maintain an image of both fairness and skepticism. For all intents and purposes, she will not be working there anymore.

McHenry seemed to have caught wind to the trouble she was in, deleted the tweet along with her entire Twitter account.

As in what Donald Trump would say – YOU’RE FIRED!

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