BOOM: Rep. Gohmert levels SHOCKING accusation against former FBI Director Comey (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Silence is Consent reported the possibility that former FBI Director James Comey may, in fact, be guilty of a crime thanks to his memo. It now appears that Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) concurs with this assessment.

By choosing to not report a conversation he had with President Trump in which it is implied that the president tried to obstruct justice.

That was a journalists take on the matter, now we have a member of Congress sounding the bell as well.

Via Gateway Pundit by way of Fox News:

Gohmert claims that if President Donald Trump did attempt to obstruct the the Michael Flynn investigation, then Comey would most likely be guilty of something as well.

“I’m amazed that an FBI Director and former prosecutor would be confessing to a crime the way that it appears that he is,” Gohmert remarked. He also goes on to say that under 18 U.S. Code Section 4, there is a requirement, by law, that Comey must report any attempt at all to obstruct a federal investigation, this would include the President.

“If it happened a couple of months ago, then it sounds like . . .” the Fox News host continually interrupts Gohmert, but he is able to squeeze out right before being cut off, “Then he has got to report it immediately and I’ve heard no evidence that he reported that there was someone trying to obstruct justice back at the time, it sounds like he waited only until it was politically expedient, which would make it a crime for him.”

The interviewer tried to throw doubt by saying it’s not known whether or not he reported it. If he reported it then we would’ve know about it before he was fired, not coincidentally after the firing took place.

See the video below:

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