NO CONFIDENCE! Watch Rep. Louis Gohmert SLAM Comey and Mueller for being “DIRTY,” and that’s not even the best part… (VIDEO)

louis gohmert

Rep. Louis Gohmert doesn’t mince words accusing the Justice Department of collusion with reference to former FBI director James Comey and special counsel Robert Mueller.

Being a member of the House Judiciary committee he knows a thing or two about all of this.

At around the 2:30 mark Rep. Gohmert points out Comey’s history of nepotism and proceeds to call both him and Mueller “dirty.”

The best parts come when Rep. Gohmert pretty much dismantles Democrats for their ignorance on the need for a special counsel, and the reason for this controversy existing in the first place.

In the Fox News interview he reminds the American people of how badly a special counsel was needed during the Obama years, and Democrats in Congress are full of hot air on their threat to get one should Trump fire Mueller.

Gohmert: “Over the last 8 years we have looked desperately for a way to try to get a fair and independent counsel because we desperately needed one for all of the scandals in the Obama administration and the courts have made very clear Congress does not have authority to appoint a special counsel, independent counsel. That’s an executive function Congress does not have.

He also outlines that there’s no need for a special counsel anyway, since there’s essentially nothing to investigate at this juncture.

We know now that there was no collusion with this administration and Russia so we can drop the independent counsel or the special counsel. There is no further need and now that we know the collusion between Comey and Mueller–Comey testified he ran things by Mueller before he testified.

See the video below

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h/t Gateway Pundit

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