GOT HER! Guess How Cops Caught This Anti-Trump Vandal!

Blue-haired anti-Trump vandal

We have yet another example of a crazy liberal lashing out with illegal acts over Donald Trump. It’s also yet another example that liberals are not exactly criminal masterminds.

Ever since the election, Democratic liberals and assorted socialists and anarchists are throwing collective hissy fits. They are taking out their frustrations on innocent people and any symbol of government they can find. In Los Angeles, we have one such crybaby unleashing a wave of graffiti crime to fight THE MAN. Because, of course, that sort of thing makes a huge difference.

Unfortunately for this blue-haired anti-Trump vandal, you need a lick of common sense to avoid the police. In this case, it does not take long for police to figure out who was behind it all and make an arrest.

Milo Yiannopoulos reports on the worst undercover criminal ever.

Blue-haired Victoria Jayne Bay from Los Angeles has been charged with Felony Vandalism following the discovery of surveillance footage that allegedly shows her defacing four historical buildings with anti-Trump graffiti.

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department originally picked up Bay on suspicion of carrying an open alcohol container in public.

According to the report, they “immediately recognized the suspect as the female sought in connection for spray painting and defacing several historical Los Angeles monumental landmarks.”

The damage – which was, interestingly enough, done using a can of blue spray paint – will cost roughly $9,000 to repair.

Deputy Kelvin Moody with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department described the graffiti as containing “vulgarities about Trump and other writings about the President-elect.

Thus ends the crime spree of the blue-haired anti-Trump vandal.

Here is a news report about the crime before she got caught.

Her stupid criminal acts aside, we must give this liberal loon some credit. Anyone choosing to have blue hair while using blue spray paint is worthy of any comic book bad girl. After all, if you are going to be a criminal, you might as well look the part of a supervillain. Just be sure to wear a hat when you’re around police officers.

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