GRAPHIC VIDEO: Miami Dolphins Protest Anthem, Coach Gets Caught SNORTING COCAINE!

chris foerster cocaine video

Ever since Colin Kaepernick started the sick trend of protesting our country’s national anthem, dozens of other anti-American NFL players have followed suit. One of the worst offending teams is the Miami Dolphins, with nearly 10 thugs protesting the anthem…but after this video of their coach snorting cocaine was revealed, they may be no more.

Marxism has slowly been infecting our country over the past decade, and has been sowing the seeds of discontent. According to the doctrine of Marx, in order to destroy a country from within you must first divide and conquer—it’s an ancient battle strategy, and unfortunately the liberals in this country are falling for it.

These leftist leaders, from Obama to his media cavalcade to their funders George Soros, have been pitting white against black, left against right, and immigrant against citizen, and now we’re seeing the culmination of it. Dozens of NFL players have protested the national anthem, because they believe they’re “oppressed.”

Silence is Consent previously published a list of every single player who’s protested, and we update it weekly—and taking one look at the list makes one thing very clear. The Miami Dolphins are one of the worst offenders when it comes to disrespecting this country. Eight of their players, despite being paid MILLIONS of dollars each year, decided to disgrace our flag and our freedoms.

  • Kenny Stills
  • Michael Thomas
  • Arian Foster
  • Jelani Jenkins
  • Jarvis Landry
  • Maurice Smith
  • Laremy Tunsil
  • Julius Thomas

These are the eight players who decided to “take a knee” and refused to stand for the playing of our national anthem…and while they may have had their fun while it lasted, it seems that their team is ripe for a massive new controversy after one of their main coaches got caught snorting cocaine on video.

Chris Foerster, offensive line coach of the Miami Dolphins, sent a Vegas-based model the following video of him snorting cocaine through a $20 bill. He was allegedly trying to profess his love, saying that he wanted to snort cocaine off of her vagina.

“Hey babe, I miss you. Thinking about you,” he says. “How about making it to a meeting and doing this before I go?” he adds, in reference to him doing cocaine. “What do you think, crazy? Ah maybe a little bit…I think about you when I do it, and I think about how much I miss you,” he says, finishing the video by saying he wishes he was licking the cocaine off her p***y.

The coach has since resigned after this video went viral, according to WPTV. “I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and accept full responsibility for my actions,” he said in a statement yesterday. “I want to apologize to the organization and my sole focus is on getting the help that I need with the support of my family and medical professionals.”

Millions of Americans believe this is payback for him allowing numerous players to protest the national anthem and our flag—the same flag which millions of men and women died for. Chris Foerster allowed his players to disrespect this great country and now, after this video went viral, he’s paying the price.

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