Guess Who’s Back: Hillary and Obama Return to Help Democrat Governor’s Campaign

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Hillary Rodham Clinton is set to campaign for New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy, just days after former President Barack Obama did the same. While the state has typically voted Democrat, many are worried that with the new ‘radical left’ pushing over moderate liberals, the once blue state may soon bleed red.

Millions of Americans despise Hillary Clinton for her corrupt dealings with the Russians, for her involvement in the Benghazi scandal, and for her endangering classified information on her private email server. It should come as no surprise then that Clinton has faced widespread backlash for her return to the campaign trail.

After the election of 2016 took place, many left-leaning political talking heads were shocked at President Trump’s decisive victory. While many conservatives, such as Ann Coulter, predicted Donald Trump’s win, the far left was at a complete loss for words.

They’re taking no chances in the upcoming gubernatorial elections of 2018 however, as many Democrats have become increasingly worried that they’ll lose more control over our government than ever. With more Republican governors than ever before, nothing would stand in President Trump’s crusade against globalism.

That’s why Clinton and Obama are so desperate to get Democrat gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy into office. New Jersey has historically been split 55/45 favoring Democrats, but with the recent emergence of far left radical groups such as Antifa and #BlackLivesMatter many are concerned that this could rapidly change.

It’s no secret why the disgraced former Secretary of State wants Phil Murphy in charge of New Jersey, either—he’s repeatedly professed his willingness to clamp down on guns, entangle the federal government with our colleges, and force citizens to pay for female abortions and birth control.

Daily Mail reports:

HARRISON, N.J. (AP) – Hillary Clinton is set to campaign for New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy days after former President Barack Obama campaigned for him.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of an invitation to the Sunday event in Harrison. Comedian Whoopi Goldberg will also be there.

Individual tickets for the event featuring the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee are listed at $1,000, but the invitation asks potential guests to consider giving the top contribution, $4,300.

Obama appeared at what was billed as a canvass kickoff for Murphy in Newark on Thursday.

Unlike the event with Obama, the Clinton appearance is not open to the media.

Murphy faces Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (gwah-DAH’-noh) in the Nov. 7 contest to succeed term-limited GOP Gov. Chris Christie.

The Democrat gubernatorial candidate’s website is filled with vague platitudes, feel good aphorisms, and outright lies. He claims that “gender inequality continues to exist in 2017,” despite there being no major, accredited studies to prove this.

He says that the “gun violence epidemic is nothing short of a public health crisis,” yet ignores the fact that some of the most heavily legislated cities in this country have sky high gun death rates. Like all Democrats, he appeals to your feelings rather than citing statistics or using facts.

The upcoming gubernatorial elections of 2018 will be instrumental in determining how effective President Trump’s term will be. With a majority of Republican governors backing him, his crusade to make America great again would be unstoppable—but if the Democrats manage to weasel their way into power, it could spell disaster.

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