Hannity Goes Off On Anti-Trump Republicans He Says Will Share Blame If Clinton Wins


Western Journalism reports:

White-hot Fox News host Sean Hannity named a few names and called a few names Wednesday as he laid it on the line that Republicans who succeed in sabotaging Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s candidacy will share the blame for the policies Democrat Hillary Clinton would enact.

“Time to name names,” Hannity said after explaining the stakes of back-stabbing Trump. “Bill Kristol, former Gov. Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham, Meg Whitman and many, many others. If they keep up their stubborn and stupid game and continue to lick their wounds, well, this is what they’ll be responsible for …”

Hannity then proceeded to list a number of policies where he said Trump was vital to the nation’s future.

“Trump promises a wall. Clinton wants open borders. Now which is better for the national security and worker?” he asked.

“Now the refusal (by the Obama Administration) to use the term radical Islam. Donald Trump will mention it,” Hannity said.

On the issue of Supreme Court justices, Hannity said Trump “will support people like (Antonin) Scalia and Clarence Thomas on the bench. On this one issue alone, this will impact this country for generations to come.”

And when it comes to one of Trump’s trademark policies — refugees — “Hillary, of course, wants a 550-percent increase in unvetted refugees. Trump promises to vet them all or not let them in,” Hannity said.

Hannity then turned his ire on Clinton.

“By refusing to support Trump, seems they are supporting a woman who has proven time and time again she is a liar and corrupt politician,” he said.

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