Harley Davidson being threatened by liberals?

Harley Davidson

It seems Harley Davidson is the latest victim of the mainstream media’s fake news epidemic.

Motorcycle enthusiasts love the freedom, the open road, the adventurous spirit that biking evokes. There is nothing more iconic to the American free spirit than that of the Harley Davidson (HD) motorcycle. Now the liberal press is trying to make Harley Davidson look like a bunch of lily-livered sissies. Say it isn’t so, Harley Davidson.

Multiple media outlets reported that Harley Davidson cancelled a planned visit by President Trump to their Milwaukee factory. Reports were the company cancelled due to threats of liberal protests. The Hill provides details.

“An administration official told the news network that the plans were scrapped after the motorcycle giant became uncomfortable with the threat of demonstrations.”

Is Harley Davidson really being threatened by liberal bullies?

Contrary to what is being reported by much of the liberal media, that isn’t the case. The New York Daily News provides the answers.

The White House confirmed that Trump would not be making it to Milwaukee, while Harley-Davidson only said in a statement that did not have, “nor did we have, a scheduled visit from the President this week at any of our facilities.”

Harley-Davidson also acknowledged that three of the past five Presidents — Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — visited the facility.

“These visits are a testament to the pride and passion of our employees and their great work building Harley-Davidson motorcycles,” Maripat Blankenheim, director of Harley-Davidson’s corporate communication, said in a statement.

If Harley Davidson were to allow liberal bullies to determine which politicians can visit Harley Davidson plants, here are suggestions for future ad campaigns.

  • A new line of pink genitalia-shaped helmets, complete with a crocheted outer cover.
  • A “Women’s March” contingent next year?
  • Instead of wallets with chains going to the waistband, the chains could be made of teeny tiny safety pins and come with a gift certificate for a free skinny latte.
  • An orange and black geriatric multi-vitamin with memory support.
  • HD commercials could include the song, Kumbaya. Better yet, the Nancy Pelosi version of This Land Was Made for You and Me with Chuck Schumer crying in the background.

Harley Davidson has a large following of independent thinkers. The idea that the liberal left can bully this particular population is ridiculous. If, for some reason, the left were to succeed, it would decimate the Harley Davidson market.

Only a liberal would run a business like that.

The idea that liberals could intimidate Harley Davidson is just more fake news. While the Trump White House is nothing like “business as usual,” the mainstream media keeps churning out fake news. They also expect the rest of us to keep falling for their shenanigans.

Ride safe my brothers and sisters, avoid the fake news and other political potholes out there, and ride on.

What do you think about the fake news regarding Harley Davidson? Let us know in the comments!

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