Harry Reid: “James Comey, Vladimir Putin conspired to make Trump president”

In an interview with CNN’s Manu Raju, Harry Reid, the outgoing Senate Minority Leader made the outlandish claim that FBI Director James Comey and Russian President Vladimir Putin were part of a vast partisan conspiracy to make Republican Donald Trump President of the United States.  In other words Reid says Comey, and Putin conspired to make Trump president. Reid offered no evidence for his claim, except saying that it was in the media.

This is what Reid actually said:

“We know from reports we have seen from all of you guys,” he told Raju, “reports that people in the campaign for Donald Trump were in touch with the Russians. And now it is very clear.”

“There were reports in the press, for heaven’s sake,” he said.  “I can’t respond to a specific single item, but they were all over! All over.”

This video of his latest lie:

“The DNC was hacked, everybody knew that,” Reid said. “WikiLeaks was coming out drip by drip by drip. They wouldn’t do it all at once of course because they were coordinating all of this from with the Trump folks and the Russians.”

“All I know it Russia helped a lot. Those WikiLeaks coming out –drip, drip drip– hurt her. And Comey helped Trump significantly. A week before the election he came out with… more emails. And as a result of this, we lost Senate seats and we lost the presidency,” Reid added.

My response to these allegations by Harry Reid is that it is another FAKE STORY . The media is allowing Harry Reid to push a fake story about Russia hacking the DNC to HELP Trump get elected when in fact the reason the FBI has said there is no evidence and nothing can back this up while the CIA says otherwise is that the FBI are law enforcement officers. The evidence chain and burden of a law enforcement officer is greater and truer than that of the CIA because rumors are not evidence. They have no evidence of that at all. Why are we listening to Harry Reid anyway. He has ZERO credibility. After all wasn’t he the one who declared on the senate floor that Romney hadn’t paid any taxes, the media ran with it as if it were truth when n fact it has been proven to be a liar spread by the faux news media to help Democrats win the Presidential election. When asked if he was sorry he pushed that lie, he said he didn’t feel sorry for propagating a falsehood because LOOK ROMNEY ISN’T PRESIDENT.

Why would we believe this partisan hack? The answer is simple. We don’t so go retire already. No one want to hear from you. 


h/t Source Joe Newby at Conservative Firing Line

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