Healthy eating resumes when high school just says no to Michelle Obama’s lunch program


As we’ve all known for years Michelle Obama has made ending childhood obesity the cause of her reign as FLOTUS when her prime directive of spending as much taxpayer money on vacations as possible is in hiatus.

What some of us have known is that by ending childhood obesity she meant serving slop that would even make pigs slim fast.

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Liberals don’t care that mold is being served to kids because

1. The stated goal was healthier eating, so serving food that makes soylent green seem humane is simply not relevant to the discussion.

2. They’re not the ones who have to eat it.

3. Many of these kids are just abortions that got away (BTW, so much for that meme that conservatives don’t care about kids who are born)

Well,Bozeman High School in Montana cares, and they did something about it, and it’s has been shockingly effective.

From Truth Revolt (emphasis mine)

Instead of forking over their lunch money on the government-mandated goods…students instead flocked to local fast food joints, which severely impacted the district’s food service budget.

School officials realized it made more financial sense to forgo $117,000 in federal food subsidies tied to the National School Lunch Program to lure students back into the cafeteria.

“We’re off to a good start,” Bob Burrows, Bozeman’s food service director, told board members Monday, according to the news site.“Our traffic is way up,” he said, over 1,000 customers a day regularly, largely due to a sharp spike in “extra food” sales. District wide, schools took in more than $54,000 in extra food sales – a 48 percent jump from last year.

Last year the food service budget ended $16,000 in the red, but so far for the 2015-2016 school year, the food service program is $1,441 in the black across the district.

You can see even more details on this from The Bozeman Chronicle.

Images via EAG News.

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