Here’s how Leonard DiCaprio unknowingly proves climate change isn’t real…

I have NEVER cared about the Oscars, so I was asleep at the switch when Leonardo DiCaprio went before the world to lecture us about what WE need to do to prevent global climate catastrophe.

Granting everything the cult of global warming says is true, the first thing we could do is NOT live like Leonardo DiCaprio.


The way he conducts his life is all the evidence you need to know that climate change is pure bull****. If he truly believed in it he wouldn’t be contributing more to it than the collective population of the state of Delaware. (that’s exaggeration, you get the point).

There are a few pieces of liberal rhetoric that really just send me to the moon with fury. This is one of them. Other than Washington there is no business that is more wasteful and hypocritical and judgmental about how people live their lives than Hollywood. Obviously, when they say we need to work together what they mean by that is they want their leftist idols like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to dictate laws and regulations that are SO onerous that they decimate the standard of living for everyone except the Hollywood elite, who can afford to take the hit.

The only “we” DiCaprio is referring to is the elitist leftist oligarchy he is a member of. You don’t need to “work” together with him, you just need to live the way he thinks you should live.

If I had the power to commandeer the Oscars during his speech. I would’ve asked the audience this:

Me: How many of you self-righteous narcissistic overpaid cue-card readers showed up to this LAVISH event in a limopool?

Hollywood: …..

Me: You all took your own limos?

Hollywood: um…some of us have private jets

Me: Then SHUT THE #$^% UP!

Sorry about the bleeped out language, when liberals drive you crazy sometimes you’ve just got to skid into it ;-)

h/t Louder with Crowder

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