Here’s How Much Taxpayers Will Pay for Obama’s Lavish Lifestyle Next Year


The Obama legacy continues to drain the pocketbooks of America’s taxpayers. We now know how much Americans will have to pay to maintain the Obama’s post-White House lifestyle. Spoiler: it’s more than we pay for any other living President.

According to a report by Fox News, the Congressional Research Service says former President Obama has submitted a budget of nearly $1.2 million for next year. That is more than $100,000 more than the budget of the next closest President, George W. Bush.

Obama’s $1,153,000 bill to taxpayers includes travel expenses, office rentals, and staff salaries. We already know the Obamas like to vacation like royalty, and we already know who will be paying for it. That next trip to a Caribbean resort will be on our dime.

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The Former Presidents Act, which became law in 1958, provides former White House occupants with lifetime benefits after leaving office. Each ex-president receives a base pension of $205,700 annually, but the budget requests they submit to Congress may also address additional expenses, such as for staff salaries, office allowances, travel and Secret Service protection.

Obama’s $1,153,00 budget request for 2018 is nearly $100,000 more than that of former President George W. Bush, and around $200,000 higher than for former President Bill Clinton.

Former President George H.W. Bush has requested $942,000, while former President Jimmy Carter comes in at $456,000, the Times reported.

A large portion of the former presidents’ budgets go toward leasing office space, such as the $536,000 cost for Obama’s office in Washington, $518,000 for Clinton’s setup in New York City, and $497,000 for Bush 43’s office in Dallas.

Bush 41’s space is much cheaper, located in Houston and costing $286,000, while Carter’s space in Atlanta is a relative bargain at only $115,000, the Times reported.

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