Here’s one way to (not) end violence in Chicago…



Sex sells, but can it sell this?

No justice, no sex. A South Side woman thinks sex is the solution to Chicago’s violence problem. She is reportedly launching an online petition for a “sex strike.”12

April Lawson hopes women will sign up for her cause on and agree to abstinence until the men of their communities put down their guns.

You can see the video at the link above, and the petition here.

Lawson is hoping that her call will be a “catalyst” that will lead to enough women refusing sex that the violent thugs shooting up Chicago will wise up and disarm themselves voluntarily…

In the video for this you could tell, tried as she did to hide it, that the reporter on scene found the whole thing laughable. Probably because the notion that gang-banging murderers of children would disarm themselves because they are too honorable to abstain from rape is laughable, to say the least.

The first amendment gives us freedom to assemble, so I say go for it, but I don’t think weaponizing sex is going to do the trick…(see what I did there?)


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