Here’s An Honest Question: Can Democrats Save America?


If Trump is the nominee we will have to vote for him. All Republicans will have to vote for the nominee regardless of WHO it is. Senator Ted Cruz was always the best choice for America but Trump is almost unstoppable. The establishment GOP wanted Marco Rubio when Jeb was rejected but now that he is out the power brokers are going crazy. I tell you what though; I could have lived with Marco Rubio for President if he won the election. If you’re from Miami you voted for Marco though because it’s the only place in the country where he broke double digits. Marco never caught fire. Everyone knew he wasn’t going to be the GOP nominee he should have left the race a time long ago. The fact is Donald Trump will be the nominee and I’m going to attempt to convince you why you must vote republican this year but first –

Let’s Talk About Hillary:

This is my observation on Hillary. She’s not just bad for the country. She is a disaster. She is a closet communist. Bernie is just a communist. He’s in your face. Loud and proud. However this is the truth about Hillary and Bernie. For years the NEW Democrat party has not been your parents democrat party. They promise to give everyone free this and that and of course it sounds awesome; after all who doesn’t want free college, free healthcare, and free social programs of all kinds, but the only way they can do that is to tax and tax and tax. You might say “who cares. They can’t take much from me because I don’t make much” imagine this, one year you’re filing your income taxes and that $1500 or $4000 you used to get back (which really is your money. It’s money you made that they took out of your paycheck every week and used without paying you interest. That is the money you get back from “taxes” every year) well, imagine HR Block telling you. “Sorry you’re not getting a refund this year because your money has to pay for the new University programs that pay for college tuitions now.” How would that make you feel? Or maybe you think that won’t happen because you’re not rich. It’s the rich they are taxing. Wrong. Bernie is taking your money. Please allow me to inform you.

The Ugly Truth:

You have heard it said “The United States is in so much debt. We are in such trouble.”

I’m about to scare you and this is how it goes:

All the Presidents up until Bush had spent $10 Trillion dollars in office. Bush alone spent $2 Trillion all by himself. Then Obama came into office and he spent more than the ALL THE 43 presidents BEFORE him. He has spent us to $20 Trillion dollars in debt and counting. Putting this into perspective for you. You could pay a billion dollars every day for the rest of your life and never pay this debt off (reminder 1000 Million equals 1 Billion dollars)

What Does This Mean to Me? Why Should You care? I’m about to explain but please read to the end of this article because I’m getting to the best part.

First you must understand; the United Stares owes money than we have ever owed before. We are in uncharted territory. We went from $10 Trillion spent since Pres Washington to Pres. Bush to $20 Trillion this year and rising.

The Reason You Must Vote Republican this Year:

We are heading towards a fiscal cliff. Obama lied. When candidate Obama was running for office in 2007 he said it was “unpatriotic to spend $2 Trillion of our children’s me net” then he gets into office and spends $10 Trillion within 7 1/2 years.

What do you think those debt ceiling and budget battles have been about? Republicans want to stop or slow the spending, and President Obama and his administration want to continue to increase the debt ceiling because they have no intention of stopping the spending. That’s obvious from the continued talk on the campaign trail about NEW government programs.

The U.S debt ceiling is the US credit line. They continue to increase the US credit line. In 2013 our interest payment to China was $222.75 Billion dollars (That was 6.23% of the debt at that time which was $16.74 Trillion now our debt is $20 Trillion dollars)

Also in December 2012 we were borrowing .46 cents of every dollar we spend to run this country. Who knows what it is now? Probably closer to .55 cents for every dollar?

Back to Bernie and Hillary. What they don’t tell you is that our national debt is the 3rd highest social program we have.

1st is Medicare & social security which we took from people and never set it aside. That’s what they were supposed to do was to set aside the money collected and collect from US citizens. If you look at every paycheck it clearly states SUDA and FUDA. The continue to take your Social Security money and still spend it.

2nd is Welfare & Medicaid which are necessary to help the very poor and the disabled of our country but has to have oversight to prevent fraud and abuse

3rd is the national INTEREST on the national debt.

We pay almost as much of interest on the national debt as the two most import national programs in the US.

Decide now which would you rather have health care or pay interest on this debt? Or would you rather have Free University tuition for all or pay down this debt? Right now we have no choice. Maybe if we stopped spending we could have some choices.

This is unsustainable people. We must stop spending more than we take in. Our gross domestic product has gone down and we don’t want to be at the mercy of other countries.

There is so much more to say on this subject but I’m going to end with this.

If you love be your children, VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2016.

If you care about the cost of living, VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2016.

If you want to build roads. VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2016. We don’t have money for roads at this time, or money for all those great programs Bernie talks about because we owe so much money. Our debt interest payments are taking up all our countries money.

I wish we could have the conversation about whether or not we should have those social programs but the truth is we can’t afford them. We don’t have the money. The last thing I want to say is this: if Hillary or Bernie collected ALL, not some but ALL the billionaires money in the United States. If the government just confiscated 100% of it. If they took it all; it would only pay for all the programs Bernie wants for three years.

If we established that kind of government believe me YOU too will be giving up your tax returns and MORE.

Everyone’s tax return won’t even begin to cover the cost of all these programs. Please share this with your friends. People need to know.


h/t Rosie on the Right

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