Here’s the thing about Bernie Sanders…he’s a hipster fad.


If you want to know how much of a dumb old kook Bernie Sanders is look no further than “Bullshit from Bernie” by Powerline’s John Hinderacker. I’ve been following that blog off and on for years, and I’ve never seen any of their contributors use profanity in any capacity (maybe I don’t follow closely enough) to describe any liberal loony tune.

We are almost done with the era of Obama and it took white haired socialist anti-Hillary hipster voodoo doll of a presidential candidate to do it.

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Why has Bernie Sanders become a thing? The same reason Obama became a thing. 20-something college kids and the hipster alumni with degrees in Belly Lint Studies who serve them coffee are all in a rush to “feel the Bern” before it’s cool.

The irony of this is that in the name of true social justice it should never be cool.

The generation that swooned for Obama, and the kids who have come of age since then are a generation that is simultaneously the most narcissistic and the most given over to group think of anyone who has come before them.

That’s at the core of what hipsters and their pervasive mentality are. Just a bunch of young people who both consciously and mindlessly rebel against whatever they believe is normal in an effort to be shining and glimmering islands of unparalleled uniqueness in the vast indiscernible sea of mankind via the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, and the politicians they support.

Their narcissism insulates them from ever realizing 1. How silly and stupid they look and sound and 2. The ironic conformity of a culture of non-conformists who agree about what they’re not conforming to.

For almost 16 years now it has been “understood” that Hillary Clinton gets to have a turn at the throne of power the Oval Office of a temple of leftist Doom Democratic run White House. The only problem with that is a bunch of kids who were raised to believe participation ribbons are as good or better than a blue one (because everyone wants that color) and are named after fruits, animals, and naturally occurring phenomena, except the spelling contains “y” where those conformists would put an “i” (examples include Robyn, Sunshyne, and Vomyt) have something to say about that.

Naturally, through no fault of their own really, they have been brainwashed to demand the glory and reward of unique achievement without ever having had to earn it. So it’s no wonder at all that a socialist they’ve been told to pay no attention to would win their support.

At least Obama made sense. If “superficially different” is the only thing that matters to young liberals then Obama really was their guy over an older, harder to look at and less pleasant sounding known quantity like Hillary.

But now, it seems the pendulum has swung back to “old white guy”…it’s probably the wanna be Doc Brown hair…


^ If you find this “heart-warming” and you’re not a stoned 22 year-old then seek medical attention…

As the Powerline link points out (here again for your convenience), Bernie says a lot of things that sound nice to liberals, but the only meat on those bones have been picked off by the abject failures that has been his socialist/communist/leftist ideology for the last 100 years. Only an idiot who is totally unarmed with knowledge of history or the most rudimentary lessons of economics would listen to his rhetoric and think that any of it would have an ounce of merit.

Luckily, he’s got college students and the art history degrees who barista them, educated by previous generations of the Walking Un-Read ready to feed on the brains of society’s makers, because they don’t have any of their own.

This overblown hipster fad will/should collapse on itself at some point. That said, the fact his candidacy wasn’t DOA to begin with is ominous for the future of American politics where the liberal wing is ruled know-nothing socialists motivated to do what sounds cool instead of what IS right. Not that liberals ever cared about what’s right in the first place, I must be in a giving mood if they’re getting that much credit.

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