Here’s the thing about “campus rape culture”…everyone is missing the point. (Yes, everyone)


Mona Charen wrote a fantastic piece at The Federalist about the growing culture of campus rape.

It would be, and has been, easy for liberals to thoughtlessly write it off as the continuation of a culture of “patriarchy” (here’s a fun game of “get-yourself-called-sexist,” ask them to actually define that term).

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Their solution to this has been to turn sex into almost literally a legal agreement at every base that gets rounded, thus giving some intrepid law student somewhere the idea to trail-blaze a whole new field of legal representation. (“Please back away from my client, those genitals are already under contract with another…firm…”)

When that inevitably fails then we can all move on to their sham university tribunals which are totally unconstitutional and, in some cases, give legitimacy to merit-less accusations which subsequently wrongfully ruins the lives of wrongfully-accused students.

Conservatives explain “rape culture” away as the inevitable result of liberal hypersensitivity and sense of inherent victimhood that has been indoctrinated into every “historically aggrieved” minority. The problem with that is the problem is real. It was also inevitable given the big deal about sex now is when someone isn’t having it.

When TV shows put casual hookups of high school teenagers on display as the rule instead of the exception (MTV’s Scream is an example off the top of my head) what do people think is going to happen with hormonal 18 year-old college KIDS with their tanks full of alcohol and their good judgment left in the 50’s (where it apparently belongs)?

Thus, according to Charen, both sides are missing the point, big time. That’s because as with any problem you can’t arrive at a solution if you fail to recognize it’s cause.

She just NAILS it. Emphasis is mine:

Some geniuses at an Old Dominion University frat house rang in the school year by draping bed sheet banners out the windows during orientation. “Rowdy and Fun, Hope Your Baby Girl Is Ready for a Good Time,” “Freshman Daughter Drop Off,” and “Go Ahead and Drop Off Mom Too.”

The outrage was nearly instantaneous…The proper response to the fraternity’s vulgarity is not to condemn men, or “rape culture,” but the sexual revolution itself. The agonies college campuses are now routinely experiencing are the result of a hyper-sexualized culture that has robbed the young of romance, courtesy, privacy, and, yes, love. The feminists call it “rape culture” and blame “traditional masculinity,” but they forget, if they ever knew, that “traditional” men were never encouraged to behave like this.

See Charen’s entire piece here. It’s lengthy, but absolutely worth a read.

In the good ‘ol days of patriarchy (I don’t know what that means either), before everything was politically correct, people would’ve written off the signs as case of “boys will be boys…”

WRONG. The signs wouldn’t exist at all, because it would be a case of “boys will be better.”

Sometimes it’s not about being politically correct, it’s about being morally correct. As with “patriarchy,” “morality” is something “progressive” liberals also have no clue about how to define.

Free love has come at a cost. Charen details in her piece that, basically, men have come to view sex as an entitlement and women feel trapped in a culture of feminist-making where if they want companionship they should settle for the “hook-up” and call it “empowerment.”

Liberals are apparently totally unaware that women used to actually be empowered when they were the gate-keepers of sex. They just didn’t like the gate, or where it led…

Marriage, family, Judeo-Christian morality, and tradition.

In their view such institutions are nothing more than cultural prisons for women, and the whole notion is sexist in the first place. Why don’t men be their own gatekeepers (Answer: They should be, but “progressives” told them they don’t have to be that either).

They would prefer a culture where women should feel sexually shackle “free,” not realizing that for many of them that means going being perpetually single and going joylessly from one sex partner to the next, like a kid who figures out that maybe a diet of just candy isn’t such a good idea after all.

Maybe they’ll “grow up” when they get out of college and realize vegetables (dating, romance, love) are good for them after all…but how confident should any of us be about that when the foundation with which they form relationships is built on sand?

Conservative reaction (of which I’ve been guilty to a certain extent) to all of this has been knee-jerk and misguided, but understandably so. They’d rather not give in to totally tyrannical actions liberals have been taking to address an issue that belies how progressive their “morality” actually is. Too many accusations of rape are worthless, but (data suggests) they do constitute a minority that ends up getting magnified to combat the overreaction by liberals to this problem as a sign that it either is much more diminished or non-existent.

As such everyone is missing the point.

Featured image via Daily Caller.

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