Here’s the thing about Donald Trump, he is NOT conservative…Do conservatives even care about that?


Conservatives tend to be very sensitive to rooting out RINOs, and yet the current GOP front-runner is so far off that reservation he almost doesn’t deserve even that designation.

John Hinderacker at Powerline says it best:

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Apart from the fact that I don’t think he would make much of a chief executive, a Trump presidency could have the unfortunate effect of further disillusioning many on the right. Voters on the right often say that politicians lie, and sometimes, of course, they do. But usually the “lie” is a case of over-promising. When they are campaigning, conservatives, like liberals, often overstate what they will be able to accomplish in office. This engenders disappointment. But imagine if conservatives were to elect Trump under the misguided belief that he is one of them. He presumably won’t govern as a conservative; he hasn’t even promised to. More likely, he will govern in accordance with his belief that the Democrats are right on most issues, particularly the economy, and consistent with his acceptance of big government. I am afraid that conservatives who vote for Trump expecting something different will be in for a rude awakening, should he win.

For a second I was attracted to the way Trump basically throws out EFF-YOOs like candy to a lot of people who very richly deserve it, including some Republicans…I was glad about that for a second.

One of the most glaring things about Trump for me has been not only the idea that we should “close the internet” but that families of terrorists become penalized for the actions of the terrorists. What kind of mafioso crap is that? That’s precisely what went on in the Soviet Union, and a leading candidate for president, from the party that actually opposed that ideology, is proposing we do the same. Some people believe this stuff is “out-of-the-box thinking,” it’s not. Trump doesn’t need to reach out to the private sector to execute on these proposals, all he has to do is ask China and North Korea (where grandchildren can be imprisoned for the “crimes” of their grandparents) how they do it.

Before, I thought his presence was kind of a nuisance, but this stuff really bothers me.

I’m as enthusiastic about destroying radical Islamic terrorists as much as the next patriot, but I think we can do it without selling our soul to Emperor Palpatine with a combover.

We conservatives can’t abide that type of rhetoric, not only because it’s TOTALLY anti-conservative, but because we will lose very badly with it. Even if Trump wins the election, conservatives will lose. We have a media that is our enemy, we don’t need Trump putting his authoritarian-esque stink on conservatism, because the Democrats and media will tell the world (as they did with George W. Bush’s faux conservatism) that’s what the GOP and conservatism really stands for.

It’s doesn’t, it would be a lie, but that’s what people will believe and the right will get knocked on it’s ass for it harder than it was in 2008, and we know how that has gone for us all.

Is that a price really worth paying? Shouldn’t we leave the complete lack of foresight and lack of concern for consquence with liberals, where it belongs?

Featured image via Gage Skidmore

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