Here’s the thing about Lila Perry and transgenders…THIS is a war on women…


I can’t imagine what it must be like to sincerely believe you are a woman trapped in a man’s body. It must feel like hell, but that doesn’t mean it’s true.

Of course, it could just mean I’m not all that evolved either…

Too many people have become so maniacal about sex they have convinced themselves that sexuality IS their identity. That’s why “progressives” refuse to even entertain the premise that a biological man who believes he is a woman is mentally ill.

We don’t do this with any other mental disorder. Look at anorexics, for instance. They literally become skeletons with skin and they think they need to lose more and more weight. Nobody encourages such delusion and then turns their brain into a pretzel trying to rationalize that saving them would somehow constitute a form of fat-shaming bigotry.

Transgendered people enjoy “protection” because “progressives” don’t give a damn about actually helping to fix their broken sense of self-perception. “Progressives” are more concerned about how their “tolerance” makes them look to the other group think monkeys.

Matt Walsh has a terrific piece (as usual) about the 17 year-old transgender boy who insists justice can only be done if he’s allowed to use the girls facilities. See it here.

There’s A LOT of ridiculousness surrounding this situation. Take some of the tweets in support of Lila Perry (via Walsh’s piece).

^ Brings “bullying” to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

If there’s one thing liberals are awesome at it’s taking a principled stand when it:

  1. Imposes their values on complete strangers on behalf of a fringe minority (such as the one Perry is a part of)…but ONLY if…
  2. It costs them absolutely nothing to do so.

If you’ve seen the movie” Porky’s there’s a scene where the guys in the film drill a hole into a girls locker room and proceed to peep in on them. Just think, men today can look upon those poor slobs the way my kids will look at me when I describe what life was like before the internet.

With all of this tough talk from Lila Perry’s supporters, they would surely change their tune if these narcissistic loudmouths were the ones actually sharing a shower, donning their bras and thongs, and doing “that time of the month” with a transgender man in their midst.

This would be especially true after it dawns on them that any man, on their mere say so, can be allowed to invade a woman’s space because they suddenly realize they are one themselves.

They would have no way to defend themselves against such frauds because they’ve already established that anything less than unconditional acceptance is intolerance, bullying, and bigotry.

Hypocrisy might be a part of a liberal’s DNA, but that wont be strong enough to slay the monster they’ve created.

Actual women need to remember this the next time some liberal tyrant in the Democrat party lectures them about being their champion while bullying them into accepting that confused men with vagina envy should be allowed to shower with them.

Image source: KMOV-TV via The Blaze

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