Here’s the thing about Obama changing “Mount McKinley” BACK to “Denali”…so what?!?


It doesn’t make me a closet liberal to say I don’t care that Obama is restoring Denali’s name at the expense of President McKinley.

If you don’t believe me…here ya go…

It doesn’t make me a closet liberal to say that maybe…MAYBE, John Boehner needs to conquer a few mole hills before he takes on the tallest Mountain in North America.

It’s not that I agree with Obama on this, it’s just that I don’t care.

The very fabric of American culture has been under existential threat every second of Obama’s presidency. There’s no need to list the reasons, we all know them, he bragged he was going to do it during his candidacy in 2008. In fairness to Obama he never promised any of it would be for the better.

This, however, isn’t one of those threats, Denali is the original name of the mountain. Ohioans like Boehner are getting their panties/hankies all in a bunch because McKinley was from Ohio. Ok…

Ronald Reagan was the guy who ended the Cold War, and he got an aircraft carrier. Aircraft carriers are awesome, but eventually it will get old and be decommissioned.

Mountains last a lot longer, does McKinley deserve that? Maybe John Kasich could rally that state’s government to give him an airport…

OR, if they really want to stick the McKinley name to something that will last forever they could name a new entitlement program after him.

For what it’s worth (and it’s a lot) the Alaskan delegation, where the mountain resides, has wanted the name changed to Denali for quite some time.

That should count for something.

Bottom line, Obama is set to bequeath on this country a world of s**t in about a year, can we not lose focus on that over something like this?

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