Here’s the thing about the GOP debates…they prove it’s time to move on from Trump


Whether or not you saw the GOP debate here’s the one thing you need to know about it: Carly Fiorina needs to be a front-runner in this race. This isn’t a straight up endorsement…I’m just saying the cream is starting to rise and she is definitely part of that, because if there was a “winner” to be declared in the latest debate it would definitely be her.

If you missed the debate and you don’t know why I say so, this will answer that.

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If you did watch the debate and you don’t know why I say that, then you didn’t watch the debate. The only way to describe her performance is “winning”…if you pretend Charlie Sheen didn’t coin that.

Overall everyone did better over the last showing. This field really is the strongest set of choices anyone has probably seen, ever.

Trump is tops in the polls right now, so I know some of his fans will read this and go nuclear because they don’t like seeing their guy take it in the rhetorical shorts, but “youse guys” (Trump fans) need to remember there are a ton of choices and YOUR guy doesn’t have to be OUR guy or “f-yoo.”

So as I rail against his candidacy (I’ve made up my mind since weighing his pros and cons) in this post please resist the urge to bite me for not assimilating into the Trump collective, that stuff doesn’t actually work as The Walking Dead is (still) just make-believe.

Seriously though, give that immaturity back to the Democrats, where it belongs.

Here’s the thing about Trump, the dude doesn’t answer questions. He’s crass and at times even childish in his conduct. The snide comments about Rand Paul not deserving the 11th spot, however true, were uncalled for because we already knew that on our own.

The purpose of debates is to simultaneously learn about each candidate while comparing and contrasting them against all the other candidates all at once. To do that we really do deserve more than “I made a lot of money” (we know), or that “terrorists are bad guys” (We. Know.), or nonsensical ridicule about how other people (like Fiorina) look. If Trump wants to engage in that level of rhetoric maybe birthers should start sifting through Transylvanian birth records for his eligibility to run, because it’s clear that he has lived a lifetime of being unable to gaze upon his own reflection.

One would think that with a career as storied as Trump’s is that he would be able to pull out of thin air something that’s a little more specific about his vision for American foreign policy, for instance, than “Poo-tin baaaaaad” (WTF?!? WE KNOW!).

He did sort of addressed that by saying “I’ll put together a team.” Oh, ok…and I’ll put together a championship NHL team…all I need now is to know something about hockey.

That’s all…

Meanwhile, Fiorina (et al) do give answers. They’re real and they’re fantastic.

For someone who has lived outside of politics Fiorina has shown herself to be phenomenally adept at fielding any subject matter. It appears that nothing is really out of what seems to be a Mariana Trench level depth for her. It’s shouldn’t necessarily make her top elephant, but she deserves a spot at front-runner status because it has been a looooong time since we’ve had a field of candidates that can communicate on the conservative side as well as she (and Rubio, and Cruz, and Walker, etc.) can.

Do we really want to squander this opportunity for a real choice by punting in favor of a self-aggrandizing and self-contradicting billionaire with a Dick and Jane political vocabulary? That guy is going to be pulp after the MSM woodchipper is done with him in the general election. That might be true of the rest of the gang, but it will be much less true.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore

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