Here’s the thing about Trump 2016…please stop before it’s too late!

This site hasn’t been all that friendly to Donald Trump for the simple reason that I’m not buying what he’s selling. A lot of his supporters will read that and then swear off the site as though I just drew a Mohammed cartoon in Europe.

I would kindly remind those people that we are all on the same side, ostensibly, and that we have the deepest AND best bench of GOP candidates in my lifetime, easily.

Are we really going to let this man upset our chance to give the left the KO it deserves about as much as America needs it to happen?

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Let me be clear, Donald Trump is not part of said bench. Maybe he thinks his campaign serious, but it’s a sideshow, and the way he has been acting is less indicative of being presidential and more like a (Urban Dictionary) textbook douchebag.

Oh and by the way, Trump supporters, if you made it this far…When did we become as intolerant as liberals for having a difference of opinion? Everything he makes may be gold, but he’s no pharaoh, much less the deity ignorant ancient Egyptians believed a pharaoh to be. Are you really so thin-skinned that you are going take the fire Megyn Kelly was holding to Trump’s feet and use it to burn the ideological bridge he wont even actually cross with you?

For crying out loud there are 17 candidates on the GOP side. Is a man, who would be universally condemned as a jackass if he wasn’t insulated by wealth and fame, AND whose mouth is in competition with his hair to see which is more offensive really the best choice to be the next president?



If you listen to Trump’s supporters you would think the was the ONLY choice.

Matt Walsh, has been A LOT more eloquent about this topic than I can be. However, his ire isn’t directed at Trump. It’s laid at the feet of the people who support him. Read the entire piece here. It’s great.

Here are the three passages from it that really jumped out at me:

There isn’t any coherent connection between being mad and supporting a flagrant scam artist. It’s ludicrous to try and cure your anger by making everything worse; electing someone who personifies every single negative aspect of the modern American power structure. It’s perhaps common for people to get angry about one thing and react by embracing the extreme opposite of that thing. But in this case, Trump fans are allegedly angry about corrupt politicians so they’ve decided to support a corrupt businessman. They haven’t gone to the opposite extreme, they’ve gone from version No. 1 to version No. 1A. They’ve gone from worse to worst. They’ve gone from bad to a guy who is explicitly promising to run this country like an inept, tyrannical goon.

Sorry, that’s not an understandable reaction.

You want angry? I’m freaking angry. I’m angry that my children will be raised in a nation overrun by people who treat the political process like a game show. I’m angry at the cheap, bogus populism that always tells us to lay the blame at the feet of politicians and shadowy corporate interests, but never at the doorstep of the ordinary folks who choose to put these mongrels in power.

Some have given him credit for “sticking to his guns,” but for one thing, it’s not courageous to stick to your guns when you’re a 1,000 percent in the wrong. That’s called moral cowardice.

Honestly with each passing second this farce of his continues I get the increasingly unshakable feeling that it’s all a set up. It doesn’t have to last for 15 months, just long enough to suck the oxygen out of the more serious campaigns, and then just “be there” via a third party run to deliver Hillary the presidency on a platinum platter.

He’s a friend of the Clintons…FRIEND. Conspiracy theory would be a bit strong in this case.

Campaigns like Lindsey Graham’s, which are punchlines, are more worthy of consideration than Trump 2016 because they’re actually serious. I did not just contradict myself, saying a punchline is more serious than Donald Trump was totally intentional.

Walsh ends his piece by appealing to the better selves of his supporters. I hope they get there before it’s too late.

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