Here’s the thing about worshiping science…you become dumber for it

One time while listening to a radio show a Christian scientist who was being interviewed was asked how he answers those who believe you can’t have faith in God or be religious AND be a scientist. His answer to that is about as good as it can ever get.

He says he tells those people that “science is understanding God’s handiwork.” I agree with that 1,000,000%. If God created everything, then it’s only logical He created the processes by which everything works. In other words, He created science.

The notion propagated by atheists that you can only choose one, or that religion and science contradict each other is as convenient and childish as it is totally false.

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I say all of that as a backdrop for the latest musings from a scientist who is atheist who says…Anything that goes into a black hole is really entering another universe. This is true for three reasons:

1. Science
2. Because Stephen Hawking said so.
3. Science some more…

Look, I know there’s like, A LOT, I don’t know about astrophysics, and by a lot I mean pretty much everything. Half the time I look up in the sky I confuse planes for shooting stars…sometimes when I do that it’s actually night time.

I get it that there is a lot of education and application of it going on in Stephen Hawking’s noggin. So I’m not opposed to him spouting speculation out of his highly educated ass.

What I can’t stand are people who think scientific speculative theory is fact that can’t be questioned by even the slightest skepticism unless you’re some troglodyte who spends every waking minute hoping that the power grid goes Galt on the planet and sends us all back to the stone age.

Take this exchange I found between three readers in the comments section, the commenters are delineated by my additions in red…

Thoughtful comment: I love how science goes back and forth – on and on about this issue and the public does not question it. Science has fallen to pride – they can prove little – speculate much and denigrate alternative views sounds like people seeking grants and media attention.

Bozo response 1: Oh man this is the funniest comment I have read in a long long time. Next time you are in hospital take a look at the science all around you.

Bozo response 2: Science is the reason you’re able to post your inane comments> Let me guess – you’re into religion?

Translation: Daydreams about celestial entities that are so far away it would take thousands of years of traveling at the speed of light to reach them is “science” on the same level as a defibrillator and an iPhone? To science worshipers denial that black holes are actually a one-way portal to alternate universes is to deny all of modern technology?

This coming from people who think they’re going to save the planet from religion with their faux-atheistic intelligence. They have their heads stuck so far up inside a (very smelly) universe that can only be entered through their own personal black hole they don’t realize that “science” has effectively become their deity. The resulting conduct is just as irrational, if not more so, than the religious types they level criticism against for having the very same faith in God that they hold in science.

The would say the difference is God is make-believe…as opposed to a black hole being a door to another universe. That’s real.

I realize that two comments on one internet article do not a generalization make. That’s the beauty of the internet, it stores all sorts of science is my religion/religion is crap memes. The two bozos blockquoted above aren’t the exception, they are the result of an education with such memes.

Fortunately there were also many comments by people who did have a brain in their skull:

Medical science is real science. Theory and concepts unconnected to empirical evidence or facts is just fantasy. Can anybody show any empirical evidence that other universes exit? If not, then it is just a mathematical fantasy, not science.

So, thankfully, there’s that, still…for now.


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