Here’s the thing with the clock kid supporters…they are kind of narcissists.


Even a broken clock like Bill Maher (pun intended) can be right twice a day…

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If you don’t watch the video just know that every single syllable Maher utters in criticism to Ahmed the clockmaker is the truth and the whole truth.

When I was in high school there was an incident with a “bomb” in the boys locker room. Someone was rumored to have made an explosive device using a tennis ball with matches and some other stuff (I don’t remember what) packed into it.

That was before 9-11. With materials way more innocuous than what Ahmed had on him.

I know liberals want to pretend that the war on terror is really hard *sad face* because we don’t know who the enemy is. Then when you point out the common denominator liberals call you a racist (because it’s just not possible that they’re idiots). Even then, there are certain things we simply have to look out for now…like briefcases full of wires…REGARDLESS of WHO built it.

If Ahmed Mohamed wanted to build suspicious looking crap and not be bothered about it he should’ve done it in a blue state with minds so open he couldn’t blow brains out because the pervading liberalism of the state would’ve left him with none to begin with.

So now, with offers pouring in all over the place, this kid has pick of the education litter. That’s his omelette I guess. Meanwhile conspiracy theories abound as to whether this was some orchestrated dress rehearsal for something more sinister.

I don’t think so, if that was the case it wouldn’t be tried in Texas where people aren’t the type to ask questions first. I think this is just a kid who exercised poor judgement because that’s what teenagers and leftists who never intellectually grow up do.

Meanwhile, smarmy liberal keyboard warriors everywhere have seized on yet another opportunity to show the world how awesome they know themselves to be by rushing to this kid’s defense. They do it behind the luxury of their screens, having been nowhere near the school, or having any loved ones in the school. They blindly rush to this kids defense because they have no skin in that game.

They get to do the blogging equivalent of crapping on the teachers and officials of the school without having an iota know knowledge, much less the desire to understand, what it’s like to be charged with educating AND protecting other people’s kids from threats, perceived and otherwise, all day every day.

Those things are irrelevant to a liberal who dare not pass up an opportunity for others to bask in the glow of their magnanimous self-aggrandizement on behalf of a group that otherwise-rational people would vote “most likely to jihad.”

Ahmed learned a hard lesson, and I know liberals don’t give a damn about the “what if” of it having been a bomb after all…but if pop tart guns get suspensions and a butter knife warrants expulsion, their “omniscience” being offended shouldn’t be enough to stop future kids wielding a briefcase full of wires from being met with scrutiny in schools, or anywhere else.

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