HE’S BACK! Al Sharpton planning protest at Trump inauguration

Al Sharpton


Al Sharpton has been out of the news for a while. It should be no surprise, then, that he uses the Trump Train to get some attention.

You might remember Al Sharpton. The tax dodger. The race baiter. The host of a failed MSNBC talk show. And after Barack Obama leaves office, he’ll be a man in search of a platform for his hate and fundraising. So here come the protests.

Sharpton has announced that his National Action Network will hold a protest in Washington D.C. at the Martin Luther King. Jr. Memorial on January 14, 2017. That’s just six days before the inauguration.

Politico reports on Sharpton’s reasoning for the protests.

“Saddle up your horse and fight for the future of this country,” Sharpton told a crowd on Saturday in Harlem during his weekly nationally broadcast rally. “You think you’re going to take away our health care? Saddle up your horse. We’re going to fight every step of the way. You better know we’re coming. We ain’t backing down. We lost a round but the fight ain’t over.”

Sharpton vowed to “put pressure” on senators who will have to confirm Trump’s cabinet nominees. He also said he has been meeting with members of Congress to create a legislative strategy for Trump’s presidency.

“We’re going to pressure the Senate on the Affordable Care [Act],” Sharpton said, referring to Trump’s vow to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.

One can only hope that once the Trump administration takes over, the IRS will take more interest in Sharpton’s back taxes. Perhaps then America can be rid of the scourge of his attacks on culture and race relations.

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