He’s Back: Obama to Meddle in Crucial 2017 Election

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Millions of Americans voted against Barack Obama in the elections of 2008 and 2012, but unfortunately, they had to put up with him for two whole terms. Now that he’s out of office, you’d think he would stop meddling in politics…but that’s exactly what he plans to do for this crucial upcoming election.

Ever since President Trump was elected in 2016, Democrats have been fighting him every step of the way. From Hillary Clinton to burnt out Maxine Waters, they’ve been using every weapon at their arsenal to block Trump’s pro-American immigration policies, new and upgraded trade deals, and economic promises.

Hillary has taken to Twitter, and has been quick to politicize every single event she could—the dead bodies from the Las Vegas massacre weren’t even cold before she started calling for gun control. Now, our favorite Marxist president Barack Obama has returned to interfere in politics once again, reports Daily Mail.

The upcoming gubernatorial elections are absolutely critical if we want to make America great again. Over the next several years, patriots have the chance to replace our RINO’s in office and traitorous democrats with hard working, honest politicians—and this is exactly what Obama is fighting against.

He has just announced that he will be campaigning at rallies to help Democrat Ralph Northam, candidate for Virginia Governor, gain the support he needs to win. The Virginia race for governor has been watched closely, as voting polls have shown that many citizens are switching from Democrat to Republican.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Former President Barack Obama is set to return to the campaign trail for the first time since he left office with a rally to help Democrat Ralph Northam in Virginia’s closely watched race for governor.

The Northam campaign announced Wednesday that the lieutenant governor and Obama will appear together at an event in Richmond on Oct. 19.

The focus of the rally will be “the need for the next governor to create economic opportunity for all Virginians,” according to Northam’s campaign.

But Virginia is one of only two states electing new governors this year and the swing state’s contest is viewed as a possible early referendum on President Donald Trump, who has tried to undo many of Obama’s signature legacies.

The next Virginia governor also will have a key role in the state’s next redistricting, an issue that’s been a post-White House priority for Obama.

The former president won Virginia both in 2008 and 2012. Northam will need many of Obama’s supporters, particularly African-American voters, to turn out in the off-year election in order to be successful against Republican Ed Gillespie.

Most polls have shown a close race between Northam, a low-key pediatric neurologist, and Gillespie, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee and White House adviser to former President George W. Bush.

Trump has endorsed candidate Gillespie in a tweet, but other than this he’s stayed out of the race. Vice President Mike Pence, however, is closer to Gillespie and is set to campaign with him on Saturday—they will be met by Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, on the same day.

On top of this, Hillary Clinton has been putting some of that George Soros money towards helping Northam with the election—it seems that no matter how hard the patriots of this country try, we cannot get the Democrats of the past to stop meddling in the elections of today.

Come November 7th, the election will be held and the fate of Virginia will be decided. If Northam is allowed to win, Virginia will see more of the same policies it saw under Obama—more taxes, more bloated healthcare policies, and more gun restrictions. Now is the time for every single man, woman, and child to vote on November 7th…because if we lose Virginia to Obama, our freedoms are done for.

November 7th is the election date—please share this article with everyone you know! We cannot allow another Democrat to win. Thank you and God bless!

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