HIDE YOUR CHILDREN! Hillary tells Democrats – SHE’S BACK (NEW VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton video

In a recorded video message, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton promised Democrats she would be “right there with you” in their fight against Republicans.

That worked out well for them last time, didn’t it?

In the video released today, Clinton says “Keep fighting and keep the faith and I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.” The tease of a return by Clinton to national politics is good news for Republicans, who did pretty well when she was around.

Yahoo News reports on the new Hilary Clinton video.

In a video released Friday, Hillary Clinton encouraged Democrats to “move forward with courage, confidence, and optimism,” as the party prepares to rebuild after losing the White House and failing to gain majorities in either house of Congress in the November elections.

The 3-minute video was posted online shortly after being shown to applause at a Democratic National Committee meeting in Atlanta, Ga. The DNC will choose new party leaders, including a new chairperson, Saturday.

Think about what that article snippet just said. The woman responsible for “losing the White House and failing to gain majorities in either house of Congress in the November elections” is promising to come back and help them. Who exactly is she trying to help, the Republicans? The GOP is likely ecstatic over the thought of Hillary Clinton still leading the party. Democrats, on the other hand, must be terrified.

The Democratic Party is in the midst of picking a new chairperson and trying to put their fractured party back together. That includes finding someone to serve as the new face of the Democratic party. Instead, they have the return of an old face that America already rejected.

Here is the video.

It seems Hillary Clinton just cannot let it go, because her ego won’t let her. She promises to stand with other Democrats and fight with them “every step of the way.”

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