HIGH ALERT: Mass Shooting in This California City – Here’s What We Know…

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In San Diego on April 30th, at roughly 6pm, a man opened fire in the pool area of an apartment complex known as “La Jolla Crossroads.”

Multiple victims have been shot, although the injuries are unknown at this time. Approximately 5-7 people have been shot, and were transported to nearby hospitals.

CBS 8 reports:

“SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) — A man opened fire in the pool area of an apartment complex in University City Sunday evening.”

“Reports of an active shooter came in just after 6 p.m. with multiple victims shot.”

“The shooter was reportedly reloading his gun throughout the incident.”

“Between 5-7 victims were shot and have been transported to area hospitals.”

“The injuries of the victims is unknown at this time.”

“Police have confirmed that the gunman was shot and say there is no active threat in the area.”

“The location of the shooting is 9080 Judicial Drive at the La Jolla Crossroads apartments.”

“One witness described the shooter as being seated during the shooting and drinking a beer.”

“Any witnesses at the scene are asked to stay in place and share information with police.”

Fox 5 also confirms the story. They say that “dozens of San Diego police officers were seen near the La Jolla Crossroads Apartments at Judicial Drive and Sydney Court around 6:10 p.m.,” and they’ve also added that “police said the suspect had been shot and there was no further threat.”

Unfortunately we’re unclear as to who the shooter was, but this story is still unfolding. The San Diego Police just tweeted theis out less than an hour ago, confirming that the target has been neutralized:

The police have also confirmed that there were “multiple victims,” making this a mass shooting. They’ve asked for all witnesses to stay on the scene:

Other locals have also reported on the shooting, via Twitter:

Although information is scant, NBC San Diego also confirms what CBS 8 and Fox 5 San Diego have claimed:

“A suspect has been shot after a shooting that injured multiple people in the 9000 block of Judicial Drive, San Diego police confirm via Twitter.”

“Police say there is no further threat, but advise people to shelter in place.”

“One witness tells NBC 7 there were five to seven victims shot near a pool area, and the suspect was shot by police.”

“No other information was available.”

“The location of the shooting is south of Miramar Road and north of Nobel Drive, west of Interstate 805.”

Reports are unclear as to why the shooting emerged, and nobody has commented on the race or religion of the shooter. Seeing that San Diego is a sanctuary city, it’s possible that this was a terrorist attack by radical Islamic militants, although there is no evidence to confirm this yet.

California also has some of the strictest gun laws in the USA, according to gun.laws.com:

“The purchase of firearms by California gun laws also seem to present more stringent guidelines and regulations than other states. The sale of all firearms, including private sales, must be processed through a licensed and certified firearms dealer of California. An actual application must be filled for the sale of a fire arm with an authorized dealer; this also extends to any transfers of ownership, loans, and rentals as well. An application contains information regarding the purchaser as well as the firearm.”

Despite their strict gun laws, it seems that they have more and more shootings each day. Please stay tuned for more information, we will update you as this story unfolds.

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