HIGH ALERT: Massively Armed, NUCLEAR SUB headed to Korean Coast- Here’s the Details

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HIGH ALERT: Donald Trump has just sent a nuclear submarine armed with 154 tomahawk missiles to the port city of Busan, South Korea.

Tyrannical psychopath Kim Jong Un has been making threats and pushing his luck ever since Trump was elected President of the United States, and it doesn’t seem to be working out well for him.

Most military strategists have concluded that Trump’s bombing of the Syrian airfield was a message to the rest of the world, but apparently Kim Jong Un doesn’t understand this. He recently oversaw a “massive live fire artillery drill,” according to The Sun.

“A POWERFUL US sub has arrived in South Korea amid worries of another North Korean missile or nuclear test as Kim Jong-un carries out huge war games.”

“The USS Michigan – capable of firing off salvos of Tomahawk cruise missiles – is to join the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in drills near the Korean Peninsula.”

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Nuclear-powered submarine USS Michigan arrives at the southeastern port city of Busan
trump north korea news
The exact length of the deployment to the region is unknown but the sub allows the US to target Kim Jong-un in much the same way as the recent attack on a Syrian airbase following allegations of a chemical attack

“The sub belongs to the Ohio class of boats which are the biggest of their kind ever to be built for the US Navy.”

“North Korea celebrates its army’s 85th founding anniversary today and reports suggest it has marked the event with its ‘largest ever firing drill’ ”.

“It is feared the anniversary will be marked with the testing of a nuclear device or a ballistic missile.”

“But instead North Korea deployed a large number of long-range artillery units in the region of Wonsan on its east coast for a live-fire drill, South Korea’s military said.”

“North Korea has an air base here and missiles have also been tested there.”

The USS Michigan is a 560-foot-long, 18,000-ton submarine, which belongs to the “Ohio Class,” of submarines, the largest built to date. It serves as a ballistic missile submarine, capable of firing off dozens of Tomahawk missiles in record time, and also has nuclear launch capabilities.

This is in response to Kim Jong Un’s reckless behavior, which has South Korean and Japanese officials on edge. The Sun reports further:

“With tensions reaching boiling point, top envoys from South Korea, Japan and the United States met in Tokyo to discuss how to respond.”

“North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile threat is perhaps the most serious security challenge confronting U.S. President Donald Trump.

“Trump has vowed to prevent North Korea from being able to hit the United States with a nuclear missile and has said all options are on the table, including a military strike.”

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As you can see by the chart above, North Korea does not yet possess the capability to attack any major US cities—they can just barely hit Alaska, even with their most powerful missile.

This being the case, we DO NOT want this tyrannical dictator having nuclear weapons. In fact, although it may not seem like it, many political strategists would argue that this is beneficial for the USA, because Russia, China, and Japan have far more to lose than us.

Therefore, it’s in their best interests to become U.S. allies.

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