UNBELIEVABLE: Blaming Trump, a NC High School REFUSES to give students their yearbooks

Taking their students for snowflakes who can’t handle free speech or allow them the audacity to have a political point of view, a high school has basically canceled yearbooks this year.

Apparently, at one school in North Carolina, the first amendment stops where the yearbook starts. One student chose a quote by President Trump to be her quote, and that prompted a recall.

From Fox News:

Yearbooks for Richmond Early College High School in Hamlet were recalled because some senior quotes were considered controversial, The News & Observer reported.

“Earlier this week, it was discovered by school administration that Richmond Early College yearbooks had errors and inappropriate comments,” the school district said on Facebook Tuesday. “The principal immediately collected the distributed yearbooks.”

Probably to burn them in one last civics lesson, maybe the event can be sponsored by ANTIFA.

The school district apologized and said it was working on making corrections with the yearbook publisher.

“As a district, we do not and will not tolerate inappropriate conduct toward any of our students,” the post said.

It’s inappropriate to voice support for control over our sovereign borders. Some people may have racist motivations for this, but overwhelmingly normal Americans are more concerned about matters of national security on both the foreign and domestic policy fronts.

That’s a little too long for a yearbook quote. I’m sure the student assumed that at this point in everyone’s education they would be smart enough to understand something so elementary and process it like the young adults they are. It appears all of those considerations are just too much to ask of the school’s principal.

School and district officials found several quotes deemed inappropriate, school district spokeswoman Ashley-Michelle Thublin said. She said that included the “Build that Wall” comment that became one of Trump’s campaign slogans last year…

She did not answer a question from Fox News about which other senior quotes aside from the “wall” one were considered inappropriate.

Translation, there weren’t any other quotes in their view. The only other thing the left controls more tightly with an iron fist more than the entertainment industry is education. You can guarantee that any quote from a student that includes leftist slogans would’ve gone unnoticed if not met with outright approval.

The Solution

So they’re going to, what? Rip out that one little page and then give the books back?


It’s too late to get the books reprinted so students are being refunded. They cost $30 to $39 dollars based on time of purchase.

Nobody gets a yearbook now. The class of 2017 is just you-know-what outta luck.

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