Hilarious: Judge Judy Smacks Down A Liberal Socialist – No Doubt A Bernie Supporter

It’s hard to see wealth redistribution as anything but theft with government as the middleman.

Having taxes fund all kind of nice things allows liberalism to hide its true colors as an ideology of envy, but when you cut out government as the middleman, it looks a lot like this:

Liberals accuse conservatives who oppose redistribution as being against the best wishes of the poor, when in reality we’re against this sort of “forced charity” the government mandates.

In fact, conservatives give more to charity than liberals. The divide in charitable giving is so wide that poor conservatives give more to charity than wealthy liberals. Liberals need to be forced against their will to give to the poor through taxes, but conservatives clearly do not.

All I can say is now I have a Scalia replacement in mind…


H/T Allen West

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