Hillary Clinton: MISSING IN ACTION – Schedule ‘BLACKED OUT’


Unless you have your blinders on, have not been paying attention or could care less, you may have noticed Hillary Clinton’s very strange behavior. It will very well documented that something is obviously and seriously wrong with this woman.

It should be of great concern to all of us having a commander and chief that is un-fit for the presidency. This country depends on a leader that is in good health to perform the demanding job of running the USA, but to also to be able to deal with the rest of the world in it’s current chaotic state like ISIS and so on.

spaze01-2Allen B. West reports: As questions about Hillary Clinton’s health continue to mount, should we see it as suspicious that she has virtually no campaign rallies planned for the foreseeable future? Is something wrong? Is there something else she’s trying to hide – that has nothing to do with her private email server or the millions of dollars her family foundation has raked in from the Saudis?



Check out this video of Mrs. Clinton very strange behavior while on the campaign trail.

Hillary Cant Stand

An eagle-eyed reporter noted a bodyguard always by her side appeared to be carrying a diazepam pen used to instantly inject anti-seizure medication. Days after that story appeared, the bodyguard disappeared.

And now campaign events have mysteriously disappeared from Clinton’s schedule.

The Gateway Pundit reports, no campaign rallies are scheduled for the next month! A list of her upcoming events shows a fundraiser she is expected to participate in Sunday August 21st with Cher and then no campaign rallies scheduled into the foreseeable future. The only other event in August that she is currently scheduled to participate in is on August 31st at the American Legion National Convention.

Donald Trump on the other hand continues to outpace Hillary Clinton in rallies and in attendance at campaign events through the first three weeks of August. Trump now has more than doubled the number of events that Clinton has held. Month to date through August 19th Trump has held 24 campaign events to Clinton’s 11. He also has events scheduled Saturday, August 20th through Wednesday, August 24th with Sunday the only day that he is taking off. (Note that this list only includes campaign speaking engagements and not visits with government and corporate leaders which Trump appears to be outpace Clinton as well.)

While Trump continues to smash Clinton in attendance at events, Clinton continues to take time off. Clinton took the weekend of August 6th and 7th off, three days off the following weekend, August 12th through 14th, and has not held any campaign rallies since Wednesday, August 17th.

Clinton is holding campaign speaking engagements only 50% of the time. When Clinton had a similar pattern in the primaries, mainstream media came to the rescue and implied that Clinton’s strategy was “going small”. This is nonsense and it is more and more clear that something is wrong with Clinton. She is either weak or sick or both.

Wait – the Gateway Pundit left out another important descriptor: corrupt.

It’s heartbreaking that our country has fallen so far we might elect this liar as our president. Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform our nation and toured the world apologizing for our superiority. Well, he’s done a superb job at taking us down a few notches. Let us pray Hillary Clinton will not be allowed to finish the job.

H/T Allen B. West

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