Hillary Clinton Sends Pizza to Idiots Who Camped Out For Her New Book, Then She Disappoints Them All

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened, is out today. Most of America couldn’t care less, but the news media and a bunch of former “I’m With Her” minions are giddy about it.

Some people were so excited to find out how Hillary lost the election (spoiler: Russia!) that they were willing to camp out on a filthy New York City street to get her book.

Oh, and Hillary herself promised to be there the next morning to sign their book. And so, nearly 400 people showed up overnight with their sleeping bags and “I’m With Her” shirts. The signing was to take place at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Union Square, and Clinton even made a nice gesture to those who camped out. That happiness was short-lived, however, because Hillary would eventually disappoint them again, just like on election night.

On Monday night, the horde of liberal lemmings took to social media to celebrate the fact they they will sleep on the street like a bum for the chance to meet Hillary.

Hillary apparently heard about the crowd and sent some pizzas for them to enjoy. We hear Vince Foster had a pizza Hillary bought him right before he died. We’re just saying.

Even though the Hillary supporters had full, happy bellies all night, Clinton managed to disappoint them just one more time the next day. Even though it was the first appearance of the day, Clinton showed up AN HOUR LATE for the signing everyone else sleep on the street for, one final slap to the face for those who put their faith in her. She did not speak to the crowd, she did not allow pictures to be taken, she did not allow selfies, and The New York Post reports she rarely spoke to anyone. For people who slept on concrete all night to meet their hero, they learned that she is still too disconnected to show enough courtesy to be on time.

Now they know how voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan felt before the election.

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