Hillary Clinton wears her heavy coat again – in 70 degree weather!


We are beginning to think Hillary Clinton is hiding Vince Foster under that winter coat of hers.

The idea that Hillary Clinton is wearing a heavy winter coat in warm weather to hide a medical condition continues to pick up momentum among critics, because she wears it so often at inappropriate times. No matter how warm it is, no matter how often she is called out for wearing it, the heavy coat is Hillary’s constant companion. All she has to do to squash speculation and conspiracy theories is not wear it in public a couple of times, but she refuses. And so we have to wonder, what is she hiding?

ABC News Digital Reporter Liz Kreutz posted this video on Twitter Sunday night, catching Hillary wearing the grandma coat once more, in 70-plus degree weather in New York City. Look at how the other people in the video are dressed. Suit jackets are as heavy as their clothing gets. No coats, no sweaters, not even scarves among anyone. Yet, Hillary is bundled up in something resembling a parka. Don’t even get us started on the fact that she is holding on to that railing for dear life. Observe:

Anyone else want Hillary to come clean, or at least stick to just pantsuits?

H/T: The Gateway Pundit

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