HILLARY WHO? DC Gift Shops Can’t Give Away Crappy Clinton Merch


Oh, how the mighty fall. Hillary Clinton is yesterday’s news, even in Washington, D.C.

White House Gifts, a store located right across the street from the actual White House in Washington, D.C., is one of the most popular gift shops in the area. They ship all over the world,, providing political merchandise of all kinds. The demand for products echoes the mood of the voters. Doanld Trump is a big seller, but Hillary Clinton merchandise is so unpopular, it is being blown out on the clearance aisle.

Ronica Cleary of Fox 5 in Washington, D.C. reports on the lack of demand for Hillary Clinton items. Donald Trump items are selling at a brisk pace, but Hillary Clinton merchandise? Not so much.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election, White House Gifts is still selling Clinton gear – even shirts, socks, cups, ribbons, dinner bells and other goods incorrectly printed with the phrase “She did it!” along with the 2017 inauguration date – at 25 percent off.

Cleary also reports that Donald Trump items are best-sellers. Trump bobbleheads are the store’s number one product. Trump “Make America Great Again” caps are selling out fast.

“He’s doing very well,” said Jim Warlick, the owner of White House Gifts. “It started this weekend so I think people are finally realizing he’s going to be the next president.”


Warlick says that the novelty of Clinton items means they should be selling well. That includes items that were created in hopes of Clinton winning the election. These “error” items are usually collector’s items, but the store can’t give them away. So, shirts, socks, mints, and other merchandise emblazoned with Hillary’s name and the inauguration date sit on the shelf at a discount. And they still aren’t selling.

Cleary provided these photos.

Hillary Clinton merchandise

 Hillary Clinton merchandise

Keep in mind, there are people out there that actually purchased this garbage.

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