HILLARY HATES THIS VIDEO! Clinton’s Email Server Lies EXPOSED in 2 Minutes

Hillary Email Server

The mainstream media has been covering for Hillary Clinton for years, but every once in a while, they uncover a nugget of truth. Consider this video made in July, by NBC News of all people, which exposes every major lie Hillary Clinton has told about her email server scandal. And they do it in under two minutes. The video is rarely seen these days, as NBC prefers to focus on Donald Trump.

The video features a 2015 denial by Hillary Clinton, in which she makes several claims about how she handled her email server. The denial is then intercut with a July press conference with FBI Director James Comey, who refutes every one of Clinton’s claims with the FBI’s investigation findings. And yet, she was not indicted. But that’s a story for another day.

Watch the video and be reminded of just how deceitful Clinton has been.

Anyone else wonder why this video has not been shown during the debates? Why has Clinton never been questioned about these obvious lies? The media has blatantly ignored the facts here, but video doesn’t hide the truth about Clinton’s email server.

Be sure to share this video and remind voters of what sort of leader Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be.

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