Hillary scandal causes voters to ask: CAN I CHANGE MY EARLY VOTE?

Vote Early

It seems early voters are having buyer’s remorse over Hillary Clinton. The new FBI investigation into her email server scandal is causing voters to inquire how they can change their vote.

The Political Insider reports that the FBI announcement is affecting the election. As soon as the investigation was reopened, Google exploded with searches on how someone can change their early vote.

Several states allow voters to change their early vote, and four are battleground states that Trump needs to win: Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. New York and Connecticut also allow changes.

Here is a graph showing just how much Google searches for “changing an early vote” spiked after the FBI investigation was announced, which is nearly double the spike in searches on the subject in 2012.

Early Vote

The key here are the related searches with Google users are seeking along with information on changing their early vote. The related searches include FBI, James Comey, Huma Abedin, and Anthony Weiner. Obviously, these are Hillary voters who now want to change their vote.


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