Hillary tries her hand at comedy with her attacks on Trump, criticizes his lavish lifestyle…

Now that Hillary is starting to go after Trump we’re starting to see what kind of shots she’s going to take at him should he get the nomination. If I was a Democrat I would be worried because their pot (Hillary) couldn’t possibly be any more black to Trump’s kettle.

Her attacks on Trump sounds like a speech she should be giving about herself.

From CNN (emphasis in bold is mine)

Hillary Clinton cast Donald Trump as out of touch with the United States while campaigning Monday in Delaware, arguing that the Republican front-runner flies into states, gives speeches and then returns to the lap of luxury without listening to voters’ problems…

Casting Trump as out of touch is new and opens up Clinton — who regularly travels via private jet and has multiple homes — to criticism for her own lifestyle. She and husband Bill Clinton own sizable homes in Chappaqua, New York, and Washington, as well as a Manhattan apartment. They also use an apartment in Little Rock that is owned by Bill Clinton’s presidential library.

But she didn’t shy away from her criticism on Monday, mocking Trump — who has cast himself as a populist champion — for his lavish lifestyle.

This is just pathetic. Democrats lost all moral authority on the wealth issue decades ago…


The Clintons may not be billionaires, but they have raked in MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars in speaking fees and trading on their name and influence, that was arguably ill-begotten through Bill Clinton’s superficially successful time as president.

Trump regularly boasts about his wealth and owns multiple properties across the country, including an expansive home in Mar-A-Lago, Florida, and a reportedly $100 million penthouse in New York City.

Properties he EARNED, by working for them. That’s probably the biggest key difference between how leftists like Clinton acquire wealth and how capitalists, even lukewarm “conservative” ones like Trump, get rich. Clinton didn’t actually WORK for what she has she had money lavished on her by other adoring leftist groups who thought the sound of her voice was worth someithing (it isn’t).

Clinton, preparing for a fight against Trump in the general election, has tried a series of attacks against the boisterous businessman in recent weeks, casting him as a security risk because of his foreign policy views and ill-prepared and ill-suited for the job of president.

This is what she’s got folks. Hillary plan is to basically plagiarize everything critics have said about her on why SHE shouldn’t be president. I would say this is clever juijitsu, but it’s actually neither.

Trump is someone who has a lot to attack, but he’s also really good at not giving a damn about any of it and forging ahead. It’s going to be interesting to see how the general election fleshes out in this light.

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