HILLARY’S NEW JOB: Clinton stoops to selling t-shirts for Planned Parenthood

Nasty Woman

We always knew Hillary Clinton would land on her feet. The failed presidential candidate and email server owner has a new job. However, it is slightly above working at a Hot Topic.

Hillary Clinton has been reduced to hawking t-shirts for a cable TV channel, with the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

Earlier today, Hillary tweeted out a picture of herself holding a “Nasty Woman” t-shirt being sold by TBS on their website. The shirt is the brainchild of Samantha Bee, the former “Daily Show” star who now has her own show on TBS. She is a big Hillary supporter, and hates Donald Trump with a passion, as she makes clear on her show.

Here is Hillary’s tweet announcing her endorsement, like she’s the Sham-Wow guy.

Here’s the description TBS includes on the website, to entice you to buy the shirt.

By getting this exclusive “Nasty Woman” shirt, you’re joining Samantha Bee and countless other smart, fearless women and men in supporting Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County, standing up for women’s (aka, human) rights and helping to pave the way for a brighter future. This is such an incredible time in our country’s history. Don’t you want to look back on it with pride, knowing that you helped make a difference? We do! Join us and let’s make it happen.

It doesn’t say how much of the t-shirt proceeds will pay to kill babies (aka humans) at Planned Parenthood LA. At least the organization will be able to sell off the baby parts as well, to make ends meet.

What do you think of Hillary Clinton selling Nasty Woman t-shirts for Planned Parenthood? Let us know in the comments, and in addition, share this on social media.



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