Hollywood Liberals Mad Quentin Tarantino Didn’t Cast Black People in Film About White Manson Family


Oscar-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is making a film about the Charles Manson murders in 1969, and he’s also getting a lot of criticism, after it was revealed that the cast is nearly all-white.

In a time where Hollywood is especially sensitive about casting people of color in films, every major film is under scrutiny to keep the cast as diverse as possible.

In the case of Taratino’s film, titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a number of people in the film community are openly criticizing it for the lack of diversity with “people of color,” specifically, black people. If you’re thinking that criticism is a little silly, you aren’t alone.

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The fault in the logic of the criticism is simple: none of the members of the Manson family were black or a person of color. The victims were white or Italian. Most of the major figures in the investigation and prosecution of the Manson family were white.

And still, people are upset that people of color weren’t cast to play some of those real-life white people.

Even actual legitimate news sources and publications don’t get it. Christian Allaire of Vogue joined in the outrage, apparently oblivious to history.

The outrage ignited when the movie site Rotten Tomatoes tweeted this collage of the actors cast for the film.

While the criticism came from a number of sources, much of the attention is directed at this tweet by someone named Justin Frac, who is apparently a voice actor of some sort. He’s verified by Twitter, which means they think he’s important. Based on his tweets, Twitter may want to rethink that blue check mark.

That brought out a flood of folks who were quick to point out that he needs to learn how to pick his battles, and maybe he doesn’t want to insist that people of color had anything to do with a mass murder.

Comedian Chris D’Elia had one of the better responses, burning Frac in the process.

And then there were these responses.

This tweet summed up the stupidity of the argument.

And then somebody went HERE.

For the record, there were other idiots who jumped on the “diversity” train, only to see it derail spectacularly.

This woman is an actual sociologist. For those who don’t know, an “inclusion rider” is a contract stipulation actors ask for that requires minorities and women are given cast or crew roles.

For the record, Taratino has not commented on the criticism over his Manson movie.

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