Hollywood is making an anti-Dick Cheney movie starring Christian Bale

Dick Cheney movie

Even after eight years of Barack Obama, Hollywood cannot get over its hate for the George W. Bush era. The latest example comes with today’s announcement of a film that will take a negative look at former Vice President Dick Cheney.

The film is written by Adam McKay, who also plans to direct. McKay made a name for himself by writing and directing comedies like Anchorman, with Will Ferrell. Last year, however, his Oscar-winning film The Big Short put him on the map as a serious director.

In a report by ScreenRant, McKay said Christian Bale will play Dick Cheney. It seems like an odd choice, considering Bale bares little resemblance to Cheney. The Batman actor, however, has a knack for changing his appearance to fit a role. Steve Carell (The Office) will play Donald Rumsfeld, and Amy Adams (Man of Steel) will play Lynne Cheney.

In the article, self-proclaimed liberal Democrat Adam McKay stated his motivation for making the film. Although he tries to choose his words carefully, it is obvious he is not a Cheney fan and plans to portray him in a negative light.

“I’ve always found Cheney fascinating. Questions of what drove him, what his beliefs were. But once we started digging, I was astounded at how much he had shaped modern America’s place in the world and how shocking the methods were by which he gained his power.”

Even Dan Zinski of Screenrant points out that the film will likely have a negative portrayal of Cheney.

Going by McKay’s comments about why he wanted to tell the story of Dick Cheney, one can guess that his film is not going to be a warm and fuzzy depiction of the former VP.

A History of Mocking Republicans

The Daily Beast has outlined the fact that McKay has never been kind to Republicans in his films. He wrote and directed The Campaign, which mocked conservative politicians and values. He also co-wrote and directed the 2009 Broadway play “You’re Welcome America: A Final Night with George W Bush,” in which Will Ferrell portrayed his character from Saturday Night Live. That role, of course, portrayed Bush as a bumbling idiot.

Last year, he earned significant criticism when he and Will Ferrell were attached to a film that made a comedy out of President Reagan’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. The outrage over making light of Reagan’s fight against the disease caused Ferrell to deny he would do the film. McKay claims the film would be a fair accounting of Reagan, and not negative.

McKay has been open in his criticism of President Donald Trump. Last year, before Trump even won the nomination, McKay said this.

We’ve got to be careful, we’re heading down a bad path, America is going to become a banana republic,’ well, we’re here. All the stuff we were worried about for the past twenty years, we’re here. Crazy, rampant income inequality, destroying our manufacturing base, education falling apart, the news turning into a for-profit machine where each consumer can just pick the pocket of news that agrees with them—we’re here. And Donald Trump is the kind of guy who would be president of a banana republic, and there’s a large chunk of our country that has a lot of similarities—when you look at income inequality, infant mortality rates, literacy rates—to third world countries. It’s really heartbreaking.

Paramount has not yet greenlit the project. If they do, McKay plans to start shooting in September of this year.

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