Hollywood’s Top Paid Actress Just Slammed Trump and Christians – Look What SICK Thing She Said About The Crucifix

jennifer lawrence crucifix

The Hollywood elite has long been known for their liberal tendencies, but with this one actress insulting millions of Christians all across the nation, many are furious that she’s gone too far.

We’ve seen it in the past—arrogant leftist actors like George Clooney shouting for open borders and claiming that America needs to do more to let in the overwhelming flood of refugees that’s currently decimating Europe.

These people are so sheltered from reality that they don’t even have to deal with the effects of their very own liberal policies. When George Clooney shames people for not wanting to let refugees in, do you think he’s letting them into his house?

Of course not. He’s living in a gated community, most likely with high income earning, educated, virtuous Americans. Yet at the same time, he’s pushing for the destruction of middle class neighborhoods by pressuring the public to accept millions of uneducated, unskilled, and dangerous immigrants.

While many patriots become furious when they’re shamed into accepting refugees, there’s one thing they hate more: when liberals insult their religion. Christianity was the very religion that founded this great nation, whether or not liberals to admit it, so when Hollywood’s top paid actress decided to diss the Crucifix, millions of conservatives erupted in rage.

Kelly Serio, writer at Breitbart, reports:

Jennifer Lawrence tells Vogue magazine that Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, who was jailed in September for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, makes her feel “embarrassed to be from Kentucky.”

The Oscar-winning actress didn’t shy away from political topics during an interview for the fashion publication’s December issue. She went off when Davis’ name was brought up.

“Don’t even say her name in this house,” said Lawrence. “All those people holding their crucifixes, which may as well be pitchforks, thinking they’re fighting the good fight. I grew up in Kentucky. I know how they are.”

Millions of Christians across the nation have pledged to boycott the liberal starlet’s movies, but she didn’t stop there. As if her comparing the crucifix to a pitchfork wasn’t bad enough, the actress also had some very heated expletives for Trump.

Jerome Hudson of Breitbart reports:

Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence says the country must move past its political “divide and anger” — despite saying just last year that if she were ever to meet President Donald Trump, she would want to tell him, “F*ck you.”

In a cover story interview with Vogue published Wednesday, Lawrence said there “needs to be a bridge” between people who disagree on political issues.

“We can’t continue this divide and anger. There are issues affecting us as human beings, not as liberals and not as Republicans. We have to protect the foundation of this country, and acceptance,” Lawrence told the magazine.

“If you’re preaching acceptance, accept immigrants, accept Muslims, accept everybody,” she added.

Many are growing weary with the judgmental words of these moronic Hollywood actors. They live in their 15 million dollar homes in Beverly Hills and don’t have to deal with the massive influx of violent extremist Muslims, but for the rest of us who can’t afford to spend $100,000 a month on rent, they’re destroying our communities.

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