HOLY HELL! Mass Shooting At School In France Leaves 4 SHOT- Here’s Why It’s All LIBERALS Fault

France school shooting

Grasse, France – A 16 year old student opened fire in a high school yesterday, injuring multiple people and terrorizing several more people in the fracas. The France school shooting is raising questions of the effectiveness of French gun laws.

As reported by CNN French affiliate BFMTV, the suspect was armed with a rifle, two handguns, and two grenades. The attack started during lunch time, targeting teachers and students. A teacher and three students were injured during the several minute ordeal.

The attacker, identified as 16 year old Killian Barbey, was described as “the crazy act of a fragile young man fascinated by firearms,” by Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

None of the injuries are life threatening.

Would gun laws have prevented this?

Breitbart News discusses the restrictive gun laws of France.

“Consider this–A Review of French Gun Laws (2012) shows that “ownership of fully automatic firearms [is prohibited] for civilians” in France, yet fully automatic weapons were the very kind used in the Charlie Hebdo attack. And when it comes to semi-automatic firearms, those who wish to own them have to go through the very kind of expanded background checks that the Democrat Party and other gun control proponents would like to institute in the U.S.

Moreover, in France such checks entail acquiring and maintaining “an active shooting club [membership]” and going to the range “at least three times a year.” They also include “seeing a doctor every year,” who declares one “physically and mentally capable of owning a firearm,” and filling out various pieces of paperwork as well.”

The restrictive gun laws in France failed to protect the victims of this attack.

The gun restrictions failed to affect the assailant’s possession of grenades.

Restricting honest, law abiding citizens from owning guns does nothing but ensure multiple victims in such a scenario.

In an ever changing world, there are quite a few “fragile” young men “fascinated” with weapons. Regardless of the fascination of a few raving lunatics, the average citizen has a right to protect themselves.

This attack serves as another reminder of why we have the Second Amendment. Those who wish to disarm the average citizen also wish to control those same citizens. Whoever controls the weapons, controls you. Remember that.

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